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Bulgaria’s special services to check whether MPs were financed by persons sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky

At the last sitting of the National Assembly ad hoc committee on establishing facts and circumstances connected with the actions and inactions of the competent Bulgarian authorities in relation to the sanctions imposed on Bulgarian individuals and..

14.09.21 19:27 |
The Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank Dimitar Radev

BNB: Non-compliance with sanctions under Global Magnitsky could have severe consequences for our banking system

The European Commission has sent an inquiry to the Bulgarian authorities about the sanctions imposed on Bulgarian companies under the Global Magnitsky Act . "Such unilateral action in follow-up to third country sanctions is naturally a..

24.08.21 19:19 |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Bulgaria’s Ambassador to USA has not been invited to the Department of the Treasury

Bulgaria’s  A mbassador to the United States has not been invited to the U nited S tates Department of the Treasury ,  announced the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with media publications that  Ambassador Tihomir..

30.06.21 11:09 |
Bulgarian National Bank building

Banks in Bulgaria have taken measures regarding entities sanctioned under Global Magnitsky Act: Bulgarian National Bank

All  banks in the country with business relations with individuals sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act have already taken the restrictive measures necessary , the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has announced. The BNB adds that the..

11.06.21 19:40 |
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