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On 11 July thousands of Bulgarians in Great Britain will vote for a better future for their country

135 is the number of polling stations that will be established for the 11 July elections in the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. After the restriction of having no more than 35 polling places in non-EU counties was done away with, Great..

28.06.21 14:47 |
Foreign Ministry building

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry opens additional visa application centres in Great Britain

Based on a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the company VFS Global is accepting short stay visa applications for entry into Bulgaria in four British towns – London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff, the Foreign Ministry has..

12.06.21 11:17 |
British ambassador to Bulgaria Rob Dixon

USA, Great Britain and Russia extend Easter greetings to Bulgarians

In videos in the Bulgarian language the ambassadors of the US and Great Britain wished Bulgarians a happy Easter. “At this time of sacrifice and rebirth we must remember the history of this day and choose love over hate, hope over despair...

02.05.21 15:04 |
The queue in front of the Bulgarian embassy in London

Elections in Great Britain: Queues in front of polling stations in London, Election Day in Exeter proceeding smoothly

In some places in Great Britain the voting is going ahead smoothly, but in others the members of the election commissions are under enormous strain. Some of the voters have given up waiting to cast their vote because of the huge queues...

04.04.21 16:12 |

Joint training of servicemen from Bulgarian and British armies starts in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is hosting a joint military training of servicemen from the Joint Command of the Special Operations of the Bulgarian Army and servicemen from the British Army. It starts today, February 22, and will continue until March 5, 2021 in Rila..

22.02.21 10:01 |

Bulgaria's PM commends Brexit deal between EU and Britain

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov described the Brexit deal between the European Union and Britain as very good news.  "The EU always finds the right solutions and there will be an agreement with Great Britain. We will continue to work in the..

25.12.20 14:48 |

Passengers arriving from UK tested with antigen test at the airport

The first plane with Bulgarians returning from Great Britain has landed at Sofia Airport after the two-day ban on flights from the UK was lifted . The ban was imposed due to the discovery of a new strain of Covid-19 . An organization has been set up..

24.12.20 15:29 |

Bulgaria bans travel from UK until end of January

As of today, Bulgaria has introduced a ban on all arrivals from Great Britain and Northern Ireland through all entry points and with all modes of transportation . The ban will be in force from December 21 to January 31, 2021, an order of Bulgaria's..

21.12.20 14:05 |

As of January 1, all persons arriving in Bulgaria from the UK need to show negative PCR test

As of January 1, 2021, travellers from the UK to Bulgaria must submit a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to their arrival in Bulgaria, as of the date of the test entered in the document. Upon presentation of such a document, they will..

01.12.20 06:35 |

A Bulgarian woman in London tells her story

A growing number of Bulgarians have been leaving Bulgaria to live in other countries – temporarily or for good. Seventeen years ago this was a choice made by poetess Tatyana Daskalova from Rousse. She travelled to Great..

13.10.20 10:53 |
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