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Remains of the ancient polis of Heraclea Sintica take us back to the Age of Antiquity

Each year on October 9, Bulgaria marks the Ancient Culture Day. We are talking about the indisputable influence of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which determined the overall development of Europe from 1,000 BC until the 6 th -7 th..

09.10.21 08:10 |

Heraclea Sintica reveals more of its ancient treasures

Since the beginning of the new archaeological season, which started on 1 June, archaeologists have discovered a multitude of invaluable artifacts during digs at the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica , located in the region of Rupite . Among..

31.07.21 11:55 |
Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery and Old Nessebar are the most recognizable UNESCO sites in Bulgaria, our web quiz shows

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the first broadcasts of the Bulgarian National Radio abroad , their successor – Radio Bulgaria has launched a quiz with questions about Bulgarian culture and history. In the second issue..

17.06.21 14:07 |

Archaeological excavations begin in ancient city Heraclea Sintica near Bulgaria's Petrich

The archaeological summer in the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica near the town Petrich (Southwestern Bulgaria) will open on June 1 and will continue for four months . The work of archaeologists  during these excavations will focus on uncovering the..

30.05.21 10:02 |

Archaeologists discover exquisite marble statue in Rupite area

A statue of a female, most likely of a priestess, was discovered by archaeologists at Heraclea Sintica, an ancient city in the Rupite area near Petrich. The statue is very well preserved, although the head and arms are missing, said Assoc. Prof...

19.07.20 08:00 |
Marble female head found during the excavations of the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica in October 2018

Highlights of the archaeological summer of 2020 - part II

Between the layers of time, in the famous Rupite area near Bulgaria’s town of Petrich, the bowels of the earth have preserved the story of Heraclea Sintica , founded in the 4 th century BC. Scholars believe that the foundations of the ancient..

14.06.20 05:30 |

New archaeological finds in ancient city of Heraclea Sintica near Petrich

A marble statue and several inscriptions of high archaeological value were discovered during a dig at the site of the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica in the Rupite locality near Petrich in Southwestern Bulgaria. “The finds were unearthed under..

21.08.18 11:35 |

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