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The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Sunday of Saint Thomas

The last day of the Holy Week after the Resurrection of Christ is called St. Thomas Sunday. The memory of the Apostle Thomas is honoured - one of the 12 disciples of Christ, known by his nickname the Unfaithful. One of the emblematic..

09.05.21 05:30 |

On Holy Tuesday the Orthodox Church pays homage to the Theotokos

The Orthodox Church celebrates Holy Tuesday today. On this day the Holy Mother of God is honoured. This is the second day of the Holy Week in which the saints are blessed. It is called so because it is believed that the Resurrection of Christ brings..

04.05.21 12:04 |

Holy Week begins today

Holy Monday marks the beginning of Holy Week during which Christians remember the last week in the life of Jesus Christ and his suffering. On each day of Holy Week church services are held to commemorate Jesus Christ’s road to Golgotha, his..

26.04.21 06:10 |

Writer Theodora Dimova’s thoughts on the Holy Week in time of self-isolation

The Holy Week has started and this is the culmination of the Great Lent when Christians recall of the Savior's suffering. It is a week of reflection on life and death as each believer focuses on his inner values and tries to be closer..

13.04.20 16:46 |

Holy Week begins

After Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins today for Orthodox Christians, the week leading up to Easter.   In the conditions of the emergency measures over  the Covid-19 pandemic, the Holy Synod insisted on keeping churches in Bulgaria..

13.04.20 08:08 |

Holy Week begins for Orthodox Christians

After Palm Sunday marked on Sunday (April 1) the Holy Week for all Orthodox Christians begins on Monday. It is also known as the Passion Week. The Holy Week is the final week of Jesus’s life on earth. That is why all days during the Holy Week are..

02.04.18 11:04 |
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