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The Saints Cyril and Methodius ship

Bulgaria’s Antarctic expedition to sail on board Bulgarian research ship

The Bulgarian research ship Saints Cyril and Methodius should set sail for the Bulgarian base in Antarctica by the end of 2022. Prof. Hristo Pimpirev , director of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and leader of the Bulgarian Antarctic..

14.01.22 11:04 |

Bulgarian polar researchers set off for Antarctica after 10-day quarantine in Chile

The first group of 15 Bulgarian polar explorers from the 30th anniversary Antarctic expedition are already on board a Chilean warship and in a few hours will sail to Antarctica, wrote on Facebook the head of the Bulgarian polar expedition Prof. Hristo..

04.12.21 17:49 |

Bulgaria's 30th Antarctic expedition handed national flag at a ceremony

At a ceremony, President Rumen Radev handed the national flag to the 30 th consecutive national expedition to Antarctica.   “Nobody has any doubts anymore that the observations and scientific research in Antarctica are a key to the..

17.11.21 11:33 |

Bulgarian science with important asset – the Saints Cyril and Methodius research ship

The idea that Bulgaria should have a research ship to sail the world ocean, and most of all Antarctica, goes back a long way, to 30-40 years ago. Thanks to the efforts of the Bulgarian researchers in Antarctica, the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute, and..

10.09.21 13:54 |
Professor Hristo Pimpirev (L) and Javier Cacho (R)

29th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition ends successfully

The polar researchers from the 29 th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition have left Antarctica today and have arrived in Chile. An Uruguayan military plane took the Bulgarian polar researchers to the southernmost city in Chile-Punta Arenas.  All planned..

14.04.21 16:50 |

Bulgarian Antarctic expedition expected to reach Livingston Island on Feb 25

The six Bulgarian polar explorers from the 29th National Antarctic Expedition are expected to arrive on Livingston Island on February 25th and open the season at St. Kliment Ohridski's base . The group of scientists whose number has been reduced because..

25.02.21 07:05 |

Arctic explorer Hristo Pimpirev presents new edition of his book “History of the Earth”

In the first days of 2020, a third, supplemented and revised edition of the book "History of the Earth" by Prof. Hristo Pimpirev has been released on the Bulgarian book market. In it, the prominent Bulgarian scientist and polar explorer traces..

05.01.20 08:00 |

President Rumen Radev presents the national flag to the participants in the 27th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition

President Rumen Radev presented the national flag to the participants in the 27 th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition. The flag was handed over to the expedition’s leader Prof. Hristo Pimpirev. Rumen Radev stated that this was a tradition started..

06.11.18 13:28 |

9 foreign scientists to work with 26th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev handed the national flag to the participants of the 26 th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition. This expedition is a continuation of the country’s rich traditions in the exploration of the White Continent, President..

08.11.17 13:58 |

Training of Bulgarian polar scientists ends

The training camp of Bulgarian polar scientists closed today, as the first group of them prepares to leave to Livingston Island in Antarctica a week from now, the head of the expedition Prof. Hristo Pimpirev said. The training was held at Sofia..

05.11.17 16:10 |

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