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Electronic chips in the ID cards will be optional

The placement of a chip in the new ID cards will be optional, the Minister of Electronic Government Bozhidar Bozhanov has told BNR. "Even when something is recorded there, it will only be an anonymous identifier. There will be..

21.12.21 10:18 |

Applications for Bulgarian personal documents can be submitted online

Bulgarian citizens abroad can now submit applications for Bulgarian identification documents without an electronic signature, using the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ministry reported. "The Covid-19 crisis has made it..

17.02.21 14:14 |

11 countries now recognize expired Bulgarian ID documents in light of Covid-19

Eleven countries have so far confirmed that in light of the coronavirus pandemic they will recognize Bulgarian personal documents which have expired between March 13 and October 31, 2020, Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports. These are..

11.04.20 15:48 |
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