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Iliyana Iotova pays tribute to the medics who lost their lives on the battlefield during the Russo-Turkish war.

We honour the memory of the medics who died for the freedom of Bulgaria

On the eve of the 145th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria , the Bulgarian Red Cross organized the traditional commemorative ceremony at the Doctors' Monument in Sofia, erected in honor of the hero medics who died in the Russo-Turkish War...

01.03.23 17:09 |
Ambassador Jim O'Brien

US State Department sanctions coordinator to visit Bulgaria

Ambassador Jim O'Brien, Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination at the US Department of State who made the announcement of the new names of Bulgarian citizens added to the Magnitsky list, is arriving in Sofia on 13 February, Justice Minister in..

13.02.23 11:53 |

VP Iotova: The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership

The Republic of North Macedonia itself is blocking its EU membership, Vice President Iliana Iotova told journalists in the village of Ilindentsi (Southwestern Bulgaria), where she is attending the Gods of Wine Festival. “Bulgaria is adamant, - Ms...

04.02.23 16:56 |

Turkey willing to cooperate with Bulgaria in hydrogen technology development

During her visit to Ankara, Vice President Iliana Iotova met with her Turkish counterpart Fuat Oktay. They agreed that the meeting between Presidents Rumen Radev and Recep Erdogan at the end of 2022 had given a new impetus to bilateral relations between..

02.02.23 16:16 |
Iliana Iotova (black coat, center).

Iliana Iotova: Freedom cannot be given, it comes from the soul It is nested in the soul, craved in the soul

A bell ringing marked the beginning of the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the liberation of Sofia from Ottoman rule. Then a memorial service of thanksgiving was held i n the St. Nedelya c hurch .  National Guard units stood guard of..

04.01.23 14:48 |
Galab Donev

Our tenure is coming to an end, caretaker PM Galab Donev says

The second mandate for the formation of a regular government is in process, our own tenure is coming to an end, PM Galab Donev said before the start of today’s sitting of the caretaker cabinet. President Radev hands We Continue the Change..

04.01.23 11:22 |

An exhibition of the archaeological finds of 2022

In the presence of Vice President Iliana Iotova , an exhibition with the archaeological discoveries of the researchers from the Archaeology Department of the museum was opened at the National History Museum.  In her address, the Vice President..

15.12.22 16:27 |