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There are no stage-by-stage measures for an independent life for the Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria

“Bulgaria takes the best care of its refugees out of the entire EU… and from day one they were put up at hotels… it is just that the financing ran out,” caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov said at the end of last week in an interview..

08.11.22 13:56 |
Pamporovo resort

Winter tourist season in Bulgaria will be better than the previous one: Tourism Minister

Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov has expressed expectations that the upcoming winter season will be better than the previous one , which, in his words, hit a record. "The bookings are going very well, I hope there will be no sharp turns in the..

17.10.22 11:56 |
Ilin Dimitrov

Bulgaria will promote its landmarks via foreign journalists and influencers

Against the backdrop of forecasts for a warm September, Bulgaria's Ministry of Tourism has decided to invite journalists, influencers, bloggers and vloggers from Europe to see with their own eyes that Bulgaria is a beautiful and peaceful country. This is..

31.08.22 17:08 |
Caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov and of Health Dr. Asen Medzhidiev

Greater predictability is expected for the winter tourist season

Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Tourism, Ilin Dimitrov, is preparing roadtrips to nearby markets (Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Greece) and medium-distance markets (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Middle East) . The goal is to..

09.08.22 18:28 |

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