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PM Nikolay Denkov

PM Nikolay Denkov seeks reformulation of presidential powers

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov wants the presidential powers to be reformulated, so that the principle of the separation of powers can be restored. Changes to some laws, as well as to the Constitution are needed, the prime minister said in..

01.09.23 15:44 |

Interior Ministry employees organize protest in Sofia

Hundreds of employees from the Ministry of Interior organized a protest, in front of the Ministry of Finance building to demand a 10% rise in salaries, which they want set down in the state budget for 2023. The police officers say they..

15.07.23 15:48 |
Petar Todorov at today's briefing

Once again bomb threats at schools, but there is no real danger, the Interior Ministry says

Today, Tuesday, almost 50 schools in Sofia once again received emails with bomb threats. Bomb threats close schools across Bulgaria for fourth day running As of 31 March, after a series of bomb threats targeting schools on several..

04.04.23 14:46 |
Deputy chief secretary of the Interior Ministry Chief Commissioner Stanimir Stanev

Interior Ministry: Under no circumstances will the election process be terminated

Under no circumstances is a termination of the election process envisaged, deputy chief secretary of the Interior Ministry Chief Commissioner Stanimir Stanev said. Central Election Commission public council: Trust the security authorities..

31.03.23 13:27 |
Petar Todorov in Plovdiv, 28 March 2023.

Elections not at risk after bomb threat, Interior Ministry says

Parliamentary elections on 2 April are not at risk due to bomb threats in a number of schools across the country , although almost all polling stations are located in schools. Interior Ministry experts are developing a protocol to be followed in case of..

28.03.23 16:58 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev

Integrity of elections will be Home Office priority, says minister

Ensuring fair elections will be a priority of the Interior Ministry , said Ivan Demerdzhiev, caretaker Minister of the Interior.  He said the work of the police will be hampered because of new amendments allowing voting by paper ballots ...

24.01.23 17:58 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev

Money diverted from Hemus motorway project was spent on building a hotel, interior minister says

There is a certain improvement in the joint work of the Interior Ministry and the prosecutor’s office, Interior Minister in the caretaker government Ivan Demerdzhev stated, and cited as an example the embezzlement investigation connected with the..

28.10.22 17:04 |
Caretaker Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev

Interior Ministry launches efforts to counter cyberattacks at election time

Today the Interior Ministry will issue instructions to the public administration and to the heads of administrations how to protect their systems against hacker attacks . The aim is to prevent breaches during the snap election for parliament on 2..

09.08.22 14:53 |

Police protest organized today in front of parliament building

Interior Ministry employees are organizing a protest in front of the National Assembly building today . The protest is organized by the Interior Ministry employees TU federation. According to the biggest police trade union, the state..

20.02.22 06:15 |

Interior Ministry: Election day is proceeding normally

The second round of the election for President of Bulgaria is proceeding normally, without incident, the Interior Ministry reported as of 3 PM data. Almost 16,000 police officers are involved in guaranteeing public order. 1,191 reports of..

21.11.21 19:05 |
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