Over a quarter of Internet traffic in Bulgaria is malicious: Ministry of E-Government

A total of 26% of all Internet traffic in Bulgaria is malicious bot traffic generated by software, BTA reported citing data from the Ministry of Electronic Government.  According to the data, 80% of all reported online incidents are phishing..

27.09.22 18:43 |

Bulgaria bottom of the list of EU countries in Internet sales: Eurostat

Internet sales of goods and services in the EU during Covid-19 have gone up. The share of consumers who have ordered goods or services online is highest in the Netherlands - 94%, followed by Denmark - 92%. At 44% and 42% respectively, Romania..

02.02.22 15:19 |

NSI: 83.5% of Bulgarian households have access to Internet in their homes

In 2021, 83.5% of Bulgaria n households have Internet in  their home s , or 4.6% more as compared to an year earlier. 75% of households have mobile Internet connection and 62.7% have fixed  Internet connection , data of the..

12.12.21 16:50 |

Bulgaria joins World Safer Internet Day

On February 9, the world marks Safer Internet Day with the motto "Together for a better Internet", Bulgaria's Parents Association announced. The Association and the Centre for Safe Internet will mark the initiative with an online event at 10.00 am,..

09.02.21 07:13 |

Bulgaria to launch information campaign on 5G network

The procedures for providing frequencies for fifth-generation Internet networks - 5G - are expected to be completed by the end of March. Speaking to BNR's Horizon program, the chairman of the Communications Regulation Commission, Ivan Dimitrov, said they..

14.01.21 16:38 |

A mere 2/3 of households in Northwestern Bulgaria have access to the Internet

In 2020, 78.9% of households in Bulgaria have access to the Internet, which is 3.8% up on 2019. 68% of households have mobile access via telephone operators, 59.4% have a fixed cable line. The highest percentage of Internet users..

11.12.20 12:46 |

Cyrillic .ею domain gaining popularity

The Cyrillic .eu (.ею) domain has been making considerable progress in the second year of its creation. Since the creation of the domain two years ago, new registered .ею domains are almost 2,000, with the total number of Cyrillic domains reaching over..

23.05.18 17:12 |

One out of five Bulgarian children has met people they know from the Internet

87% of Bulgarian children use the Internet and this rate has been rising every year. One out of five children has had a meeting with a person they know only from social networks. In the web environment 48% of children cannot tell whether information..

14.12.17 17:45 |

Bulgarians to be able to check medical records online

From now on, every Bulgarian citizen who pays a visit to a regional office of the Health Insurance Fund will have the opportunity to get their Unique Access Code (UAC) for their medical record for free. With the UAC, each citizen will be able to verify..

28.08.17 14:33 |

Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia to join efforts towards fast Internet

The Ministers of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia are to send a common request to the EC to support the project of a cross-border infrastructure for Internet Access in the Northern Balkans. Bulgaria’s..

08.12.16 17:43 |
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