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Bulgarian participation at an international exhibition on human rights and dignity in Italy

From 8 June to 9 October, the Italian city of Rovereto is hosting the international exhibition "Human Rights and Dignity" . This year's 18th edition of the exposition features thematic works by artists from 32 countries, including Bulgaria...

08.06.24 07:35 |

Bulgarians from Milan present their homeland for the first time at "Il mondo in casa" festival

For the first time, Bulgaria will be represented at the international festival "Il mondo in casa", or "The World at Home", in Milan. The forum is being held for the eighth consecutive year and its main goal is to achieve..

07.06.24 09:24 |
Bulgaria gallery in Rome

Centennial birth anniversary of Bulgarian studies expert Prof. Riccardo Picchio honoured in Rome

The centennial birth anniversary of Prof. Riccardo Picchio – a slavicist and an expert in Bulgarian studies of international renown, will be honoured with an exhibition, opening on 31 May at Bulgaria gallery in Rome. The event, organized by the..

31.05.24 11:52 |

Teodor Borisov – Il Grande Lupo Bulgaro of puppets

He breathes life into puppets made of wood, yet, just like in real puppet theatre, they seem to guide his own destiny. And together, they create a magical atmosphere in which out of poetry, philosophy and matter a new and better world emerges...

27.05.24 13:40 |
Photo: The Bulgarian Orthodox municipality

Father Ivan from Rome: Bulgarians welcome the bright holiday of May 24 with immense spiritual joy

The biggest celebration of the Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of Slavic literature - May 24, outside the borders of Bulgaria, is traditionally held in Rome. Every year, on the eve of..

23.05.24 08:25 |

Singing connects the young Victoria Asenova with authors of hits in Italy

Young Bulgarian singer Victoria Asenova started performing music in pre-school age, and now, at the age of 14, she already has serious music accomplishments and acquaintances in the world of show business. ‎ In fact, Victoria Asenova aka VikA..

22.04.24 05:05 |

Madlen Tomova is Bulgaria’s hope of success at Sanremo Junior 2024

Bulgarian children have frequently represented the country at international singing contests successfully – for example, the second place won by young Krisia, alongside the talented pianists Hasan and Ibrahim, at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in..

15.04.24 06:15 |

Dr. Evgenia Vukadinova from Rome - our healthcare is very commercialized and this damages the image of Bulgaria

She arrived in Italy together with her boyfriend, allegedly for two weeks, not suspecting that fate had other plans for her. Today, 30 years later, Dr. Evgenia Vukadinova has long since separated from her partner, has a 24-year-old daughter, and still..

27.02.24 10:33 |
Photo: Facebook/Embassy of Bulgaria in Rome

Bulgarian art crosses the borders of memory in the heart of Rome

On February 8, in the building of the Marco Besso Foundation in the heart of Rome, a solo exhibition of Bulgarian artistic dui Marusia and Tania Kalimerov was opened. At the official event, special greetings were given by the Bulgarian ambassador to..

20.02.24 13:54 |
Alessandro Massacci is proud of his Bulgarian roots

Italian actor of Bulgarian origin Alessandro Massacci will appear in Bulgarian TV series

He was born in Italy 26 years ago. His mother is Bulgarian, his father Italian, and he is proud to be the bearer of two cultures and two languages. He admits that he feels at home in Sofia. And his great love is cinema. Alessandro Massacci decided to..

15.02.24 14:31 |
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