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Man who threatened former Parliament speaker with murder arrested again

Lyubmir Yakov, who threatened to murder the former Speaker of Bulgaria’s National Assembly Iva Miteva, was arrested again in the town of Stara Zagora. One day ago, Yakov sent an email to this country’s Ministry of Justice threatening Iva Miteva with..

29.10.21 10:55 |

Man who threatened parliament speaker with murder sentenced to probation

The man accused for threatening to kill the Speaker of the 46th National Assembly, Iva Miteva, has been sentenced to "Probation" for a term of 3 years. For two years he has to do 200 hours of "unpaid work for the benefit of society", according to..

14.10.21 18:24 |

46th Bulgarian parliament has gone down in history

The 46th National Assembly is already part of Bulgaria's political history. The National Assembly Speaker Iva Miteva closed its last session with a wish for a successful election campaign, and lawmakers exhausted their agenda by discussing a report on..

15.09.21 19:13 |
Maya Manolova

Maya Manolova: By refusing to convene an extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly, Iva Miteva is breaching the Constitution

“There will definitely not be an extraordinary parliamentary sitting on Monday because the proposal was submitted too late, and that would be a breach of the rules of organization and procedure,” Iva Miteva, President of the National Assembly said..

12.09.21 17:09 |
Lyubomir Yakov in court

Man who threatened to kill Iva Miteva remains in custody

The Sofia City Court has ruled that Lyubomir Yakov, who threatened to murder National Assembly President Iva Miteva, shall remain in custody. “I am sorry, it was not premeditated,” the man said in court. Yakov, who had been released under..

09.09.21 18:03 |

Charges raised again man who threatened Parliamentary Speaker with murder

The prosecutor's office has indicted Lyubomir Yakov, who threatened to kill Parliament Speaker Iva Miteva, and demanded his permanent arrest. On Monday, the court will decide on his remand in custody.  The 26-year-old man is a criminal - he is..

04.09.21 18:05 |
Iva Miteva, Parliamentary Speaker

Police detains man who send murder threat to Parliamentary Speaker

The man who sent a murder threat to the National Assembly Speaker Iva Miteva via email has been detained and charges are expected to be raised against him. Last night, 26-year-old Lyubomir Yakov, who has a criminal past, was arrested in Stara..

04.09.21 15:49 |
Iva Miteva

Justice Ministry receives signal for murder threat to Speaker of Parliament

The Ministry of Justice has received a signal for a murder threat to the Speaker of the Parliament Iva Miteva . This was announced to journalists by the parliamentary chairman of "There is such a people" (ITN) Toshko Yordanov and Nikolay Hadjigenov from..

03.09.21 19:00 |

Bulgaria’s Parliament to set the date for the Presidential elections

Today,  Bulgaria’s National Assembly is expected to set the date for the Presidential elections.  We have agreed to hold the Presidential elections on November 24, announced the Speaker of this country’s National Assembly Iva Miteva.  However, GERB..

02.09.21 05:05 |
Iva Miteva

National Assembly President Iva Miteva says she will not be candidate for Prime Minister

"I am not ready to be a candidate for prime minister," National Assembly President Iva Miteva said, commenting on the words of co-chair of "Democratic Bulgaria" Atanas Atanasov who said that a person like her could..

25.08.21 11:42 |
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