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Former Prime Minister Borissov after his interrogation at the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office in the Barcelonagate case on May 25, 2023.

Money laundering case against former PM Boyko Borissov terminated

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has dropped the investigation, known as "Barcelonagate" , against former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov due to a lack of evidence of a crime , the prosecuting magistracy said in a press release. The..

17.10.23 17:44 |
Boyko Borissov

Check reveals unusually intense activity of the prosecutor's office on the "Barcelonagate" case

Work on the so-called "Barcelonagate" money laundering case, over which former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev requested the immunity of GERB leader Boyko Borissov, was extremely intense after May 15, 2023. Before that, no procedural and..

18.07.23 15:11 |

Former Prosecutor General Geshev has registered his Justice for Bulgaria movement

Former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced that his civic movement "Justice for Bulgaria" is now registered . "I am determined to meet the expectations of all those who support me. I will work for a decent life for every Bulgarian citizen. I am..

10.07.23 18:01 |
SJC sitting, 6 July, 2023

Supreme Judicial Council halts procedure for election of new prosecutor general

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) has halted the procedure for the election of a new prosecutor general until the closure of the case at the Constitutional Court. Supreme Judicial Council has dismissed Ivan Geshev from position of..

06.07.23 12:08 |
Ivan Geshev presenting his civic movement on Facebook

One more “patriotic civic movement” created, this time by former prosecutor general Ivan Geshev

Justice for Bulgaria is the name of the newest in the long line of “civic movements” emerging on the political stage in this country. Its creation was announced by former prosecutor general Ivan Geshev in a live stream on Facebook. Ivan..

05.07.23 13:22 |

Former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev enters politics

Former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev has announced that he is creating a movement called "Justice for Bulgaria". "Decisions about the fate of Bulgaria are dictated by foreign corporate interests. No one thinks about Bulgaria and the..

04.07.23 15:20 |

Reshuffle at the top of Bulgaria’s prosecutor's office does not ‎quell tensions in the judicial system

The replacement of Bulgaria’s prosecutor general Ivan Geshev, who was ‎dismissed ahead of schedule, with his deputy until recently, Borislav Sarafov, ‎does not succeed in easing the long-standing tension in Bulgaria's judicial ‎system, observers comment.‎..

20.06.23 12:30 |

Supreme Judicial Council replaces deputies of former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev

The Prosecutor's Collegium at the Supreme Judicial Council released the deputies of former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev. This was done at the suggestion of acting chief prosecutor Borislav Sarafov. The functions of dismissed..

19.06.23 15:15 |
Freeze frame from Ivan Geshev's video address

Ivan Geshev resigns as prosecutor

In a video address, posted on Facebook, the now former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced he was withdrawing as prosecutor. Supreme Judicial Council has dismissed Ivan Geshev from position of Prosecutor General Bulgarian Judges..

19.06.23 12:09 |
Borislav Sarafov

Bulgarian Judges Association opposes the election of Borislav Sarafov as acting prosecutor general

The Bulgarian Judges Association (BJA) has called on the plenum of the Supreme Judicial Council to elect a new acting prosecutor general of Bulgaria. The BJA describes the decision of the prosecutor’s college of the Supreme Judicial..

19.06.23 11:47 |
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