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July Morning – the Bulgarian Black Sea coast tradition continues

Welcoming the first morning of July on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the sounds of music has become an established tradition full of positive feelings, which is observed and passed down to new generations. The celebration is influenced by the..

30.06.22 14:55 |

July Morning to be celebrated on the beach in Burgas with live music

Billy Talent Tribute, Airbag, Acoustic Point, Ostava, Rewind and MR.Vagabond  bands will play on the beach in Burgas on the night of June 31 and in the morning of July 1. The July Morning event, which will traditionally welcome the first July..

29.06.21 06:00 |

People in Bulgaria welcome sunrise on "July Morning"

For yet another year, early in the morning on July 1, young and old Bulgarians welcomed the sunrise near the sea and other water basins in the interior of the country. "July Morning," named after a famous song by the Uriah Heep from 1971, is a..

01.07.20 10:17 |

July Morning – the day bringing the free-spirited together

There are many unofficial rituals and celebrations on the calendar, each with their own symbols, but as 1 July approaches generations of Bulgarians turn their minds to a classic rock song – July Morning. Seeing the sun come up on the..

30.06.20 14:48 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 110

98% of all charter flights to Bulgarian Black Sea coast in June cancelled Around 85% of foreign tourists arrive in Bulgaria by charter flight. Because of the coronavirus, however, 98% of the charter flights in June have been cancelled. What..

25.06.20 20:08 |

July Morning 2020 moves from Kamen Bryag to Cape Shabla

The traditional July Morning fest organized to meet the first sun rays on the first day of July near Kamen Bryag will not be held this year, Kavarna Municipality has announced. The local authorities called on all who are planning to meet the sun rise..

25.06.20 16:51 |

July morning to be celebrated on the beach in Burgas this year as well

Eleven music groups will participate with their performances in the traditional concert for July Morning in the Black Sea city of Burgas. The event, which will traditionally welcome the first July sun, will be held near the bridge on the central beach...

18.06.20 09:13 |

July Morning – a tradition unique to Bulgaria

As always, on the night of 30 June, people thronged to different spots along the Black Sea coastline and inland, to watch the sun come up on the first day of July– a ritual that has nothing to do with pagan or religious tradition. As a matter of fact..

01.07.16 10:17 |

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