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Kalofer hosts traditional Lace Festival

On August 14 and 15, the town of Kalofer, located at the southern foot of the Balkan Mountains, hosts the traditional Lace Festival. The program of the local community center includes a series of demonstrations, video lessons, concerts and..

14.08.21 12:59 |

Measures against Covid-19 cannot stop Epiphany ice horo dance in Kalofer

In the town of Kalofer, t he traditional men's horo dance  in the Tundzha River on Epiphany was held once again despite the anti-epidemic measures. Led by a bagpiper and a drummer, men in traditional folk costumes went to the..

06.01.21 11:47 |

Bulgarian President paid tribute to Botev in Kalofer

The fact that we are given just one minute for dignified silence throughout the year is symbolic, said President Rumen Radev, on the occasion of the Day of Hristo Botev and All Those Who Died for the Freedom of Bulgaria. A minute of silence, in which..

02.06.20 13:41 |
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On Epiphany Kalofer citizens dance their male-only horo in icy Tundzha River

Once again on Epiphany - January 6, Bulgaria’s Kalofer will wake up under the sound of drums and bagpipes. Traditionally, men from the town enter the icy waters of the Tundzha River to play their festive horo (a type of chain dance). The..

06.01.19 08:00 |
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