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Tourists from four continents attend Rose Festival in Karlovo Municipality

The Rose Festival in the municipality of Karlovo started with a demonstration of the rose-harvesting ritual in the rose gardens of the "Eco Rose Valley" in the town of Klisura.   "It is no coincidence that one of the symbols of our country was born in..

25.05.24 15:32 |
Monument to Vasil Lesvki in Karlovo

Parliamentary Speaker Zhelyazkov will deliver a speech at the commemoration of Levski in Karlovo

The Speaker of the National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov will participate in the commemoration of the 151st anniversary of the death of Vasil Levski, which will take place today in the hometown of the revolutionary hero - Karlovo. During the ceremony,..

18.02.24 04:05 |

Commemorative ceremony held in Karlovo for the Bulgarian soldiers who died in Karbala

With a commemorative ceremony in front of the Monument to those who died in the fight against world terrorism in Karlovo, military personnel and citizens honored the memory of the five Bulgarians from the First Infantry Battalion who..

27.12.23 14:03 |
Flood damage in Karavelovo.

Karlovo region one year after the great flood of 2022

September 2 marked the one-year anniversary of the devastating floods that struck the Karlovo villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina. Many of the people affected are still unable to return to their homes, which are damp..

04.09.23 14:25 |

Karlovo: The heart of the celebrations of the 186th anniversary of the birth of Vasil Levski

The town of Karlovo, the birthplace of Vasil Levski , is the centre of the celebrations marking the 186th anniversary of the birth of the Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom.  Shortly after 10 a.m. the participants in the national tourist march from Pleven..

18.07.23 06:50 |
Monument to Vasil Levski, Karlovo

250 people to take part in “Following in the footsteps of the Apostle” trail

The national Pleven-Karlovo trail begins, for the 29 th time, on the eve of the birthday of Bulgaria’s national hero Vasil Levski, the Apostle of Freedom. Vasil Levski - unsurpassed in courage, defied an empire 250 participants,..

13.07.23 07:10 |

The state has provided BGN 20 million for repairs in the flooded villages near Karlovo

The situation in the villages of Karavelovo and Bogdan near Karlovo has normalized and is currently under control . All preventive measures have been taken. This was announced at a press conference by the Minister of Regional Development and Public..

27.01.23 17:03 |

The clearing of the riverbeds in villages near Karlovo has started

Heavy machinery is clearing the riverbeds in the villages of Karavelovo and Bogdan near Karlovo, where a partial state of emergency was declared yesterday.  Millions of cubic meters of sediment have accumulated in the river valleys, which raise the..

27.01.23 15:23 |

Partial emergency situation in two villages near Karlovo

Four months after several villages in the region of Karlovo were flooded, two of them are now under a partial state of emergency because of a new risk of a disaster. The emergency situation in Bogdan and Karavelovo will last..

26.01.23 18:30 |

Police detain 50 illegal migrants in Karlovo

Fifty illegal migrants were detained in the town of Karlovo , Central Bulgaria, the BTA informed. They were found inside a truck near a large retail store, Plovdiv police spokesperson Aneliya Vlahinova said.  Two drivers were also detained. One..

24.12.22 14:35 |
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