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Angel Stoev

Trailers have been provided for inhabitants of flooded villages

46 mobile homes will soon be delivered to the 30 families from the flooded villages of Karlovo who have requested them , Plovdiv Regional Governor Angel Stoev said after a meeting with the mayors of the villages of Karavelovo, Bogdan and Slatina and the..

23.09.22 15:59 |

Nearly 100 houses in flooded villages in Karlovo region may be demolished

96 houses in the flood-affected villages of Karlovo region - Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina, will be inspected to determine whether they can be repaired or should be demolished. If the experts decide that a house cannot be repaired, the municipality..

19.09.22 16:06 |

A thousand volunteers provide help in villages affected by recent floods

About 1,000 volunteers are helping the military and police in clearing houses and streets in the flood-affected villages in the region of Karlovo. Coordinating teams are also there. In addition to the help of the volunteers, the..

17.09.22 14:39 |
Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev checks for unauthorized logging.

Another 5.1 million euros allocated for addressing the flood damage in Karlovo region 

The state will provide more than €5.1 million in additional funds to the three flood-hit municipalities in the Karlovo region (Karlovo, Kaloyanovo and Maritsa)  to deal with flood damage, Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Demerdjiev said after the meeting of..

15.09.22 17:16 |
The village of Karavelovo

Electricity supply restored in all villages affected by the recent floods

Starting today, residents of the flood-damaged villages in the region of Karlovo can be immunized against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough if they wish. Health authorities warn that floods can bring various infections ...

13.09.22 14:23 |

Interior Minister: There is illegal logging above the flooded villages in Karlovo Region

Bulgaria's caretaker Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev has announced violations found during the inspection for cutting down forests above the flooded villages in the region of Karlovo, central Bulgaria. "There are reports on logging carried out in..

12.09.22 15:27 |
 Село Каравелово

Volunteers come to the rescue in flooded villages over the weekend 

On the eighth day of the floods in the Karlovo region's villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina, a large number of volunteers are expected to take part in efforts to clean up the tons of mud and trees brought by the water disaster.  Earlier in the..

10.09.22 11:20 |

Flood damages in Karlovo exceed EUR 36 million

Dozens of volunteers and military personnel are still involved in relief efforts in the flood-affected villages of Karlovo. Water is being pumped out of the houses, the bed of the Stryama river is being cleared, and Power Company teams are restoring the..

07.09.22 15:41 |

The timber brought by the floods remains for the people of the flooded villages in the Karlovo region

Wood brought from the floods will remain for the people in Karlovo and they will not have to pay for it , the interim Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev told bTV.  "There is a lot of speculation, but nobody will pay for it. Flood timber is..

07.09.22 15:23 |

Caretaker Premier Galab Donev visits the flood-damaged villages in Karlovo region

The Bulgarian authorities have not activated the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism in connection with the recent floods, EU Commission Spokesperson for Budget and Human Resources, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Balazs Ujvari said...

06.09.22 14:59 |

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