Fire at the ammunition depot near Karnobat has been completely extinguished

The fire which broke out at an ammunition storage facility near Karnobat in the early hours of 31 August has been extinguished completely even though the area around remains cordoned off. Fire breaks out at ammunition depot, no casualties..

01.08.22 09:23 |
Emilian Gebrev

Fire breaks out at ammunition depot, no casualties reported

A fire at an ammunition depot near Karnobat woke  the people from the town up in the middle of the night. No casualties have been reported. The ammunition storage facilities are on the territory of former army barracks. Two drones will inspect..

31.07.22 13:09 |

Svetlozara Savova brings joy to coronavirus patients with balloon tree

A withered tree with bare branches was a melancholic sight for patients and doctors when they looked out of the hospital’s windows. On one side of the tree is the Covid ward, and on the other - the hospital room where Svetlozara would sit by the..

01.03.21 12:11 |

Karnobat grape brandy enters list of drinks protected by geographical indication

The European Commission has approved Bulgaria's request for the Karnobat grape brandy /„Karnobatska grozdova rakya“/„Grozdova rakya ot Karnobat“/ to enter the list of protected geographical indications. The Commission states that the brandy has at least..

30.11.18 16:46 |

Road accident with 21 illegal immigrants on Trakia motorway

A cargo vehicle with 21 illegal immigrants had an accident on Trakia motorway near the town of Karnobat, Southeastern Bulgaria. Six migrants were hospitalized with severe injuries. The road accident occurred on Saturday, but Bulgaria’s Ministry of..

25.07.16 10:49 |
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