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Accident at Arsenal munitions factory in Bulgaria's Kazanluk takes 1 life, two persons missing

A 55-year-old man has died and two women are still missing in an accident at the Arsenal munitions factory in Bulgaria's Kazanluk .   Rescue operations and clearing of the debris from the workshop, which was completely destroyed, have not yet begun, as..

04.10.22 17:20 |

Migratory pressure on Bulgaria will increase, experts say

A bus transporting migrants was escorted by police from the regional police department in Kazanluk at around 6 PM yesterday, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports.  The press centre of the regional directorate of the Interior Ministry in Stara..

28.09.22 12:36 |
The wheat-jug found near Kazanluk

Important find from Roman times near Kazanluk

At the end of the rescue archaeological survey of a site from the Roman age, registered to the Southwest of the Ostrusha mound near Kazanluk, archaeologists made some important finds, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports. The excavations..

31.08.22 12:43 |

Bulgarian rose oil - high price around the world and underpaid manual labor at home

Bulgarians often refer to the fragrant oil-bearing rose, which has been grown for centuries in the picturesque Bulgarian towns of Karlovo, Kazanlak, Strelcha and Perushtitsa, as “Queen Rose”. For more than 40 years an annual pageant called..

11.06.22 09:05 |

Six injured in accident at Arsenal arms factory

Six workers were injured in an accident at Arsenal arms factory in Kazanluk. One of the workers is in serious, though not life-threatening, condition. The workers injured are aged 23 to 60. As a result of the accident a restricted fire broke..

17.10.18 10:45 |
Old-time rose distillery

Rose oil - one of Bulgaria's treasures

One of the symbols of Bulgaria - the oleaginous rose, now has a museum. Located near Rosarium Park in Kazanluk, it showcases the history of the manufacture of rose oil and other products made out of this regal flower in the Bulgarian lands. As..

25.06.16 09:00 |

The world’s only Museum of Roses opens doors in Kazanluk

A Museum of Roses – the only one of its kind in the world – was officially opened to the public in Kazanluk. The museum exposition includes documents and artifacts connected with rose growing and production in Bulgaria. The official ceremony was..

05.06.16 14:42 |

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