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Kiril Ananiev

Former Minister of Finance Kiril Ananiev demands withdrawal of draft state budget for 2022

Bulgaria’s MPs are discussing at a second reading the draft state budget for 2022. It envisages a budget deficit of EUR 2.8 billion. According to the draft document, Bulgaria will be able to issue government bonds to the tune of EUR 3.7 billion...

23.02.22 19:42 |
Kiril Ananiev

The budget deficit will probably reach 6%: GERB

Calculated on the basis of the 2022 budget submitted, the deficit for this year is envisaged at 4.1%, commented Kiril Ananiev from GERB party at a briefing, as quoted by BTA. However, Kiril Ananiev says, that is not the real figure because at..

22.01.22 14:36 |
Kiril Ananiev in parliament

Country has stable fiscal reserves: Kiril Ananiev, outgoing finance minister

“A budget update will only be necessary if the pandemic situation worsens,” outgoing finance minister Kiril Ananiev stated in parliament. The government has given 2.6 billion euro for the fight against Covid-19 in the period from the..

21.04.21 12:10 |
Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev

Finance Minister: The budget will last all year, regardless of who is in power

No matter which government will be in power, the new budget will last, even if the epidemic gets worse. This position was expressed by Bulgaria's Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev in an interview for BNT. He believes that the budget has no alternative...

24.12.20 09:51 |

Monthly salaries in Bulgaria vary from 312 to 15,000 euro

In August 276,883 Bulgarians received salaries over the average monthly 702 euro.   In a written answer to a parliamentary question Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev states that 2,193 people received over 15,000 euro per month. A year ago their..

20.11.20 17:03 |
Kiril Ananiev

Finance Minister: More than 3 billion Leva for Covid-crisis next year

Minister of Finance Kiril Ananiev described the budget for 2021 as “anti-pandemic”. “It has clear priorities targeted most of all at measures for overcoming the consequences of the crisis,” he said for BNR’s Horizont channel, adding that over 3..

25.10.20 12:05 |

PM Borissov announces replacement of 4 ministers in his cabinet

After the meeting of the partners from the ruling coalition GERB – United Patriots, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has announced the new changes in the government. Interior Minister Mladen Marinov will be replaced by Hristo..

23.07.20 12:36 |
Kiril Ananiev

Court orders health minister to make available contracts for face masks with China

After the Anti-Corruption Fund lodged a complaint over the implied refusal to provide information, the Administrative Court in Sofia ordered Health Minister Kiril Ananiev to make available two contracts concluded with the China National..

17.07.20 12:42 |
Health Minister Kiril Ananiev

Bulgaria's Health Minister: No tightening of restrictive measures is planned for time being

No tightening of measures is envisaged despite the increase in coronavirus cases in Bulgaria. This was stated at a briefing by the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev.  "At this stage, we believe that the measures correspond to the data obtained during..

27.06.20 16:01 |
Kiril Ananiev

Health minister does not plan extension of emergency epidemic situation beyond 30 June

“There does not exist a situation in the country at the moment which would justify a proposal, by the health minister, to extend the emergency epidemic situation beyond 30 June,” said Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev for Darik Radio. However,..

20.06.20 13:18 |
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