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Reenactment of April Uprising in Klisura

April Uprising is message for the future, battle for statehood is relevant today

Today Bulgaria's Klisura, Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte mark the 145th anniversary of the start of the April Uprising /according to Gregorian calendar/. A prayer and a liturgical procession were held in Panagyurishte. Vice President Iliana..

01.05.21 15:36 |

145th anniversary of April Uprising

The 145th anniversary of the outbreak of the April Uprising is being marked with various events throughout the country. The uprising started prematurely on April 20, 1876 in the town of Koprivshtitsa. 145 years later,..

20.04.21 11:43 |

Koprivshtitsa – a town with beautiful architecture and rich history

Koprivshtitsa is a small Bulgarian town located at the foot of Sredna Gora mountain range. Getting a first-hand experience of the cobblestone streets and the colorful Revival Period houses lends you the feeling of travelling back in time...

27.02.21 07:10 |

Decision to abolish Koprivshtitsa’s architectural and historical reserve status rescinded

An extraordinary session of the municipal council of Koprivshtitsa has rescinded the decision to abolish the town’ status of architectural and historical reserve. 10 out of 11 councilors voted to rescind the decision, while council..

01.04.17 07:04 |

Rumen Radev: Koprivshtitsa does not belong to a handful of municipal councillors

“Koprivshtitsa does not belong to a handful of municipal councilors. Koprivshtitsa belongs to Bulgaria, Koprivshtitsa is Bulgaria,” said President Rumen Radev, commenting on the decision by the Koprivshtitsa municipal council to have the town’s..

30.03.17 12:16 |

Folklore festival in Koprivshitsa – in people’s hearts and now, on the UNESCO list

“Bulgaria in our hearts”. These words on the T-shirts worn by Japanese tourists coming to the national folklore festival in Koprivshitsa are a good way to sum up the feelings of the thousands of people the event brings together once every five..

13.12.16 13:53 |
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