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Parliament adopts the 2023 budget at first reading

Bulgaria's Parliament approved the 2023 state budget in the first reading with 156 votes in favor. The support came from GERB-SDS, PP-DB and DPS deputies. The "BSP for Bulgaria" and the parties "Wazrazhdane" and "There is Such a People" (ITN) voted..

12.07.23 19:11 |

BSP demands military aid to Ukraine to be made public

The BSP will submit a draft decision according to which any aid to Ukraine must be approved by the National Assembly and be transparent. This was announced by Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova. Currently, the Ministry of Defence prepares a classified..

07.07.23 18:09 |
Kornelia Ninova

BSP wants parliament to vote on the immunity of Boyko Borissov

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has submitted to the National Assembly a draft proposal for lifting the immunity of GERB leader Boyko Borissov . This was announced by party leader Kornelia Ninova.  MP Miroslav Ivanov: We call on Boyko..

09.06.23 14:23 |
Mustafa Karadayi

MRF supports the idea of an expert government

The BSP will decide whether to support GERB's formula for creating an expert government after the party's National Council votes on the issue, leader Kornelia Ninova said.  A little later, Ninova announced that the BSP was ending talks with GERB to..

15.05.23 17:36 |

BSP seeks support for its petition against the Instanbul Convention

The Chairperson of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova read a declaration in Parliament calling on the Bulgarian citizens to support the referendum against "gender ideology". "Help us save children  at least , support us in the..

11.05.23 12:55 |

President Radev to hold consultations with the Central Election Commission before scheduling early elections

The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova returned the unfulfilled third and final government-forming mandate. "First I will consult the Central Election Commission and then decide on the dissolution of the 48th National..

24.01.23 11:11 |
Kornelia Ninova at the leaders' meeting, 20 January, 2023

Bulgarian Socialist Party hands back government-forming mandate unfulfilled on Tuesday

On Tuesday, January 24, President Rumen Radev will meet representatives of the parliamentary group of "BSP for Bulgaria", from whom he will receive the unfulfilled third mandate to form a government. This was announced by the..

20.01.23 16:59 |
Mustafa Karadayi (L) and Boyko Borissov at the leaders' meeting called by the BSP

Bulgarian Socialist Party fails in its attempt to form a government

No accord was reached at the leadership meeting in the parliament between BSP, GERB, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and "Bulgarian Rise". "We Continue the Change", "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Vazrazhdane"..

20.01.23 13:57 |
BSP leader Kornelia Ninova

Bulgarian Socialist Party discusses chances of forming a government at a leaders’ meeting

The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Kornelia Ninova invited the leaders of the political forces, represented in parliament, to a meeting at the National Assembly today, in an attempt to reach accord on the third and last mandate for the..

20.01.23 06:35 |

BSP leader: If we cannot form a cabinet, we will not delay the mandate

"If we see that there is no way to form a cabinet, we will return the mandate. We have no intention of delaying the situation. It will be difficult to find a majority, but it is not impossible." This is what the leader of the BSP - the third-term winning..

16.01.23 19:40 |
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