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Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov

The mechanism for investigating the prosecutor general to be promulgated on June 2

Caretaker Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov announced on Facebook that he had put the state seal on President Rumen Radev's decree for the promulgation in State Gazette of the law amending the Criminal Procedure Code, introducing a mechanism for..

01.06.23 18:07 |
Stoyu Stoev, chair of the National Assembly's legal affairs committee, 18 May, 2023

Mechanism for the investigation of the prosecutor general approved by parliament’s legal affairs committee at first reading

The parliamentary committee on legal affairs approved, at first reading, the amendments putting in place a mechanism for investigating the prosecutor general of Bulgaria. The bill was passed with 191 votes in favour, none against and 33 abstentions..

19.05.23 08:56 |

New cases reported of fake documents for Bulgarian citizenship

The Citizenship Council with the Ministry of Justice has reported new cases of fake or forged documents used to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization for reasons of Bulgarian origin. The documents were intercepted during probes of..

10.05.23 11:15 |

Justice Minister calls on MPs to adopt a mechanism to probe the Prosecutor General

The case with the explosion that went off near the car of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has nothing to do with the National Assembly's obligation to adopt an effective mechanism to investigate the chief prosecutor, caretaker Minister of..

04.05.23 15:31 |

Krum Zarkov: There is no reason for the elections to be annulled

"Despite the erroneous precinct protocols, there are no grounds for the annulment of the elections for the 49th National Assembly," said the interim Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov.  According to him, the erroneous protocols and invalid ballots in..

10.04.23 15:38 |
Крум Зарков

Three Bulgarian candidates for Euro magistrates urgenly needed

We are still looking for three candidates for a judge in the European Court of Human Rights , interim Justice Minister Krum Zarkov said.  Bulgaria does not propose the judge directly, he noted. It is to nominate three candidates from which the..

06.04.23 13:56 |
Tana de Zulueta, head of OSCE mission

OSCE: Voting secrecy violated in a number of polling stations

The head of the mission of international observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Tana de Zulueta, said that the secrecy of the vote was violated in a number of polling stations. She noted a number of concerns,..

03.04.23 17:00 |
Ambassador Jim O'Brien

US State Department sanctions coordinator to visit Bulgaria

Ambassador Jim O'Brien, Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination at the US Department of State who made the announcement of the new names of Bulgarian citizens added to the Magnitsky list, is arriving in Sofia on 13 February, Justice Minister in..

13.02.23 11:53 |
Krum Zarkov

The Minister of Justice: Changes in the Electoral Code are wrong and harmful

"The changes to the Electoral Code voted on second reading by the National Assembly's legal committee are probably not unconstitutional, but they are wrong and harmful," the interim Justice Minister Krum Zarkov said at a briefing. The Minister..

18.11.22 13:48 |
Krum Zarkov

Caretaker Justice Minister Krum Zarkov: Bulgaria meets the criteria to join Schengen 

Bulgarians should have the same rights as Europeans. In the words of interim Justice Minister Krum Zarkov , the country has complied with the recommendations of the European Commission, adopted the legislation, and followed the Recovery and Resilience..

15.10.22 13:02 |
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