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Greece imposes new measure restricting traffic at Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry warns that from November 3, due to the introduction of new anti-epidemic measures in Greece, the work of the Bulgarian-Greek border checkpoint Kulata-Promachonas, which takes over the main and transit traffic between the..

03.11.20 06:15 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 147

270 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Bulgaria over past 24 hours 270 new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Bulgaria over the past 24 hours out of 5,582 PCR tests performed, according to data from the single information portal. The..

01.08.20 17:57 |

Again heavy traffic at Kulata-Promachonas border crossing towards Greece

Traffic at Kulata-Promachonas border check point with Greece is again very heavy. The line of cars waiting to cross over into Greece, which formed at the border crossing early this morning, is 5 kilometres long , border police report. Most..

01.08.20 13:53 |

EU tourists can enter Bulgaria from Greece through Kulata and Makaza checkpoints

As of July 22, the Greek border authorities do not allow the passage in both directions of all types of vehicles, including trucks, through the border checkpoint Ilinden-Exohi, Kapitan Petko Voyvoda-Ormenion and Ivaylovgrad-Kyprinos , the Border Police..

22.07.20 18:46 |

Tourists can enter Greece through Kulata-Promachonas checkpoint only with negative PCR test from July 14

Starting on July 14, tourists entering Greece through the Kulata-Promachonas checkpoint on the Bulgarian-Greek border will be required to present a negative PCR test for Covid-19.  This requirement is part of the travel protocol adopted by Greek..

10.07.20 19:02 |

All persons entering Greece through Kulata-Promachonas checkpoint tested for Covid-19

6 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered on the Greek Island of Thassos. Four Serbian tourists are placed in a quarantine hotel. The other two infected persons, presumably Bulgarians, were allowed to return home. They are all young people..

09.07.20 10:34 |

No lines of waiting cars at Kulata-Promachonas crossing with Greece

Traffic is normal at the Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint with Greece even though it is the only crossing for tourists into Greece. The people crossing over into Greece are mostly Bulgarian and Romanian citizens and the wait at the..

07.07.20 20:10 |

Long line of cars forms anew at Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint with Greece

Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint is now the only crossing open to tourists for entry into Greece from Bulgarian territory. The line of cars at the checkpoint reached 10 kms. this morning.  Makaza can still be used as entry into Greece for..

06.07.20 09:18 |

Bulgaria calls on Greece to find solution to border crossing issue

Deputy Foreign Minister Petko Doikov has invited Greek Ambassador to Bulgaria Dimitrios Chronopoulos to the Foreign Ministry to discuss the situation with border checkpoints with Greece .  Doikov stressed the difficult situation at the..

03.07.20 18:32 |

As of July 6, tourists can enter Greece only through Kulata-Promachonas checkpoint

The Greek government has come up with a final decision that only the border checkpoint at Kulata-Promachonas will remain open to tourists travelling from Bulgaria to Greece. The measure will take effect on Monday (July 6), government spokesman Stelios..

03.07.20 17:02 |
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