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The king of flowers is Bulgarian and lives in Melbourne

"Whatever you say, say it gently, like a flower!", these are the words of a Bulgarian who has dedicated his whole life to art and beauty. Gancho Taskov lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he is famous as the King of Flowers, because of his..

09.04.23 11:35 |
Olga Borisova

Festival of Kyustendil is an occasion to recall work of singer Olga Borisova

March 21 is the day of the city of Kyustendil (Southwestern Bulgaria). The festival is known as "Kyustendil Spring" and recreates an ancient local tradition that combined cult practices of the Thracians and Romans in their..

21.03.23 09:00 |

PM takes part in commemoration of the saviors of the Bulgarian Jews in Kyustendil

In Kyustendil, Prime Minister Galab Donev took part in the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews from the death camps during World War II.  He bowed to the memory of the five Kyustendil residents who played an active role..

09.03.23 20:14 |

Project to support the social integration of Roma women

The social campaign "I have a dream" of the Kyustendil LARGO association aims at empowering Roma women . The project establishes a network of local community training centres in the towns of Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Botevgrad, Dupnitsa, Rakitovo and..

02.03.23 18:38 |

Kyustendil celebrates 141 years since the birth of artist Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora

"Genius, it is that ingredient that makes the grape juice to vigorously ferment and become wine. In every drop of juice there are millions of ferments that are bubbling, boiling, fizzing, coming to the surface to manifest themselves,..

01.02.23 06:10 |
Ivan Demerdzhiev

Nine police heads to be replaced in Sofia, Plovdiv and Kyustendil

The heads of seven of the nine regional police stations in Sofia will be replaced , as well as the heads of the Regional Directorates of Interior in Plovdiv and Kyustendil . This was announced by the interim Minister of Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev...

24.10.22 15:28 |

A bountiful supply of plums and pears in Bulgaria’s Southwest this season, yet most will not make it to the table

Farmers from the region of Kyustendil (Southwestern Bulgaria) gathered a very good harvest of plums. 80% of the plums grown there are of the early Stanley variety, and the harvesting of the later varieties was completed in September. About 2.5 tonnes per..

06.10.22 14:01 |

Festival of Fertility held in Kyustendil

In Bulgaria’s Kyustendil the traditional autumn " Fertility Festival " has taken place. Dozens of farmers, companies, associations and community centers took part in the 15th edition of the festival under the motto "Everything that the..

26.09.22 13:28 |

Bulgarians and Macedonians blend voices in Kyustendil initiative Let's All Sing Together 

Kyustendil residents and guests of the town are invited to participate in the initiative "Let's all sing together" today at 12.00 in front of the community center "Bratstvo".  The event is being held for the fourth year within the framework of the..

11.09.22 06:05 |

Panagia cultural forum in Kyustendil pays tribute to the Mother of God

A day before the Assumption, the municipality of Kyustendil organizes the XV Cultural Forum "Panagia". The word stands for the Mother of God and is related to ritual breaking of bread. Today, ritual kneading and baking..

14.08.22 09:05 |
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