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2022 - a good year for business and a bad one for people as inflation deepens inequalities

After two years of pandemic, we welcomed 2022 with the hope for life to return to normal, incomes to rise and society to be back on track. Until, in February, the world faced another crisis - only this time on the war front. It dragged down..

29.12.22 07:05 |

The current challenge: Economic growth in the face of political upheaval

The cost of the fall of the Bulgarian government in the short-term amounts to BGN 900 million  or almost EUR 460 million, says Latchezar Bogdanov, Chief Economist at the Institute for Market Economics. But if the political..

19.07.22 15:10 |

The poorest Bulgarians are permanently outside the scope of the anti-crisis support measures: Institute for Market Economics experts

2020 was the perfect social experiment, a serious stress test for the entire social system in the country, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Back then, in the space of three weeks, around 90,000 people in Bulgaria..

06.07.21 13:20 |

Bulgaria needs radical changes in its investment attracting model

In order to be able to rely on European funds for support of the economy in crisis, Bulgaria must present a well-motivated Recovery and Sustainability Plan to the European Commission. The draft of this document was submitted to the Bulgarian..

21.04.21 14:45 |
Latchezar Bogdanov

Economist Latchezar Bogdanov: The budget is not addressing the problems

“The budget does not focus sufficiently on the effectivity of spendings, or on attaining certain goals in politics,” Latchezar Bogdanov from the Institute for Market Economics commented for the BNR. The biggest budgeting problem is what the..

25.10.20 11:42 |
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