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Lazarus Saturday - a celebration of youth and beauty

It is Lazarus Saturday (Lazarovden) again - the day on which Christ performed one of His miracles, resurrecting the righteous Lazarus. This is also the feast which is the harbinger of Christ's resurrection, which Orthodox Chiristians celebrate..

24.04.21 08:20 |

Lazarus Saturday - a holiday that brings us hope even in difficult times

There was a time in the past when the streets of Bulgarian villages were filled with the songs of the lazarki girls on Saint Lazarus Saturday, performing the traditional ritual called “lazaruvane”. In this Bulgarian custom, young girls would..

11.04.20 06:20 |

Lazarus, do you feel joy that spring has come?

“Lazarus, come out!” Christ spoke to his friend and the miraculous resurrection took place. A day before Palm Sunday the church marks Lazarus Saturday. In Bulgarian folklore this holiday is associated with spring as a symbol of revival..

08.04.17 09:00 |
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