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Lena Borislavova

Lena Borislavova: GERB, MRF and ITN may impede the adoption of important legislation

“We will try to secure a majority in the National Assembly for the adoption of draft legislation connected with the Recovery and Resilience Plan”, said Lena Borislavova, Chief of Staff of outgoing Premier Kiril Petkov.  However, Lena Borislavova..

09.07.22 16:39 |
Resigned PM Petkov and spokesperson Lena Borislavova

"We Continue the Change" will seek the support of independent MPs for a new cabinet

"We will talk and seek support from independent MPs who make their own decisions," commented Lena Borislavova, the outgoing cabinet spokesperson, on the upcoming negotiations for a new government.  She added that it is illogical for "We continue the..

02.07.22 13:28 |
Boyko Borissov.

Government rejects GERB leader's proposal on North Macedonia

The Cabinet rejected GERB leader Boyko Borissov's proposal that the Council of Ministers should first approve the French presidency's formula to enable the Republic of Macedonia to start EU membership negotiations , and then the decision to be supported..

22.06.22 16:14 |
 Lena Borislavova

“We Continue the Change" will make efforts to avoid new elections

“We Continue the Change" is ready for new elections, but will make efforts to avoid them, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Political Cabinet Lena Borislavova said.   Currently, the government's efforts are focused on adopting the budget amendment and..

12.06.22 16:16 |
Lena Borislavova

Lena Borislavova: Sofia expects proof that Skopje takes hate speech and discrimination of Macedonian Bulgarians seriously

The conference in Skopje with the participation of a Bulgarian delegation led by Premier Kiril Petkov has been postponed, because of the lack of a document indicating progress in negotiations between the two countries, Lena Borislavova, head of the..

15.05.22 12:40 |

Coalition council meeting on Ukraine aid ends without decision

Bulgaria’s National Assembly is expected to decide whether the country should send military aid to Ukraine. The coalition government discussed the issue at an extraordinary council. However, the two-hour council ended without any concrete decision and..

04.05.22 09:09 |

Military aid for Ukraine: The bone of contention in Bulgarian politics

The coalition government is holding an extraordinary council today to discuss whether Bulgaria should send military aid to Ukraine. The meeting comes one day before the extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly scheduled for tomorrow,..

03.05.22 13:59 |
Kiril Petkov

Bulgaria donates 2,000 helmets and 2,000 bulletproof vests to Ukraine

Bulgaria will provide 2,000 helmets and 2,000 bullet-proof vests for the individual protection of the Ukrainian population , the Council of Ministers has decided. Head of PM Kiril Petkov's Office Lena Borislavova said the government was also..

06.04.22 14:29 |

Vice Premier to be assigned fight against domestic violence

“Domestic violence is an exceedingly grave problem, on a world scale, as was as in Bulgarian society, and it frequently remains within the family.   The exacerbation of this problem, especially in the conditions of pandemic, has made its resolution a..

17.01.22 16:44 |

The negotiations for Bulgaria’s future cabinet – do they hold promises

The first sitting of the new 47 th National Assembly of Bulgaria will be held on December 3, the press service of the Bulgarian head of state has announced. Meanwhile, the first round of talks on forming a coalition government with the..

29.11.21 13:07 |

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