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Hydrobiologist Dr. Vesela Evtimova and her studies of tiny creatures in Antarctica

Antarctica has inspired a multitude of geographic discoveries of the past. What we call “Antarctica” is, in fact, the region covering the continent Antarctica, plus the waters and the island territories in the Southern Ocean or around 20%..

25.05.22 12:26 |

Second group of polar explorers reaches Bulgarian Antarctic Base on Livingston Island

The second group consisting of eleven polar explorers, part of the 30 th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition, has arrived at the Bulgarian Antarctic Base St. Kliment Ohridski on Livingston Island, polar researcher Emil Ivanov announced on Facebook...

24.01.22 13:52 |
The Bulgarian Polar Base on Livingston Island

Bulgarian geologists to study the precious metals in Antarctica

Two Bulgarian geologists will work on a research project in Antarctica. They are part of the second group of polar explorers in the 30th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition.  All 11 Bulgarians in the group are healthy. They are waiting in a 10-day..

15.01.22 15:23 |

Bulgarian polar researchers set off for Antarctica after 10-day quarantine in Chile

The first group of 15 Bulgarian polar explorers from the 30th anniversary Antarctic expedition are already on board a Chilean warship and in a few hours will sail to Antarctica, wrote on Facebook the head of the Bulgarian polar expedition Prof. Hristo..

04.12.21 17:49 |

Bulgaria’s polar researchers board a ship to Antarctica

Six Bulgarian polar researchers from the 29 th Bulgarian Antarctic E xpedition headed to the icy continent from the port of Punta Arenas in Chile, reported BTA. The head of the Bulgarian expedition Professor Hristo Pimpirev announced that all..

21.02.21 13:09 |
 The Spanish research ship Hesperides

Covid-19 postpones departure of Bulgaria’s polar explorers to Antarctica

The 29 th Bulgarian expedition to Antarctica has been postponed a day before the planned departure of the polar explorers. Six Bulgarian scientists were supposed to leave for the icy continent, and more precisely Livingston Island , where..

11.01.21 14:02 |
The Bulgarian camp on Livingston Island

New Bulgarian expedition to Antarctica amid coronavirus pandemic

A group of six Bulgarian polar explorers is preparing to leave for the Frozen Continent (Antarctica) on January 12. The Bulgarian Antarctic base is located on Livingston Island, in the western part of the continent. Professor Hristo..

10.01.21 06:00 |

Training of Bulgarian polar scientists ends

The training camp of Bulgarian polar scientists closed today, as the first group of them prepares to leave to Livingston Island in Antarctica a week from now, the head of the expedition Prof. Hristo Pimpirev said. The training was held at Sofia..

05.11.17 16:10 |
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