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Piano Extravaganza - music for connoisseurs

The Piano Extravaganza Festival is one of the most exquisite music events in the Bulgarian capital. The programming of the forthcoming 10 th edition has undergone some changes, but in the current situation this is inevitable. Due to the unstable..

02.10.20 12:26 |
Vienna State Opera

Bulgarian names in the June program of the Vienna State Opera

After a forced break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vienna State Opera reopens its doors to fans. Bulgarian names are also present in the program.  On June 25, world-renowned opera prima Krassimira Stoyanova , winner of the prestigious..

09.06.20 08:46 |

Lyudmil Angelov presents in concert laureates from his latest master class in NBU

Pianist Ludmil Angelov is among the most famous contemporary Bulgarian musicians. He played at some of the most-prestigious world stages under the conductorship of the world’s greatest conductors. Ludmil Angelov graduated from the National..

07.03.20 08:00 |

‘Free tango’ album of Vesko Eshkenazi, Lyudmil Angelov

“What is the Tango album? Above all, it steps beyond the frames, both musical and internal. The main line that we follow is the contrast between what we know and what we are to discover.” These are words of famous violin player Vesko Eshkenazi..

07.02.17 14:11 |
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