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Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Defence Dimitar Stoyanov

Defence Minister Stoyanov hopes that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will turn the tide of war

More than 500 service persons have been deployed to guard Bulgaria’s border, caretaker Minister of Defence Dimitar Stoyanov said for bTV. This is not the army’s first time at the border, the service persons know the terrain well and are doing a good..

12.09.22 11:31 |
Caretaker Defence Minister Dimitar Stoyanov

Bulgaria risks being unable to carry air defence combat duty: caretaker defence minister

“There is a risk of Bulgaria’s air force being incapable of carrying combat duty,” said caretaker Defence Minister Dimitar Stoyanov as he presented his team.  “The MIG-29 aircraft will be fit for action until mid-2023. Negotiations are underway..

10.08.22 12:10 |

National naval exercise Breeze 2022 begins near Varna and Burgas

The Bulgarian Navy has launched the national naval exercise Breeze 2022, which will continue until July 25. The exercise is taking place in the territorial waters of the Black Sea, the adjacent zone and the exclusive economic zone. 11 countries are..

14.07.22 11:43 |

B-52 bombers fly in NATO mission over Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the countries over which 4 US B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber aircraft flew on August 28. They are part of NATO's Allied Sky mission, which demonstrates the ability to operate freely in the airspace of North America and..

28.08.20 19:16 |

Thracian Summer-2020 military exercise begins near Plovdiv

More than 1,000 soldiers from the Bulgarian and the US armed forces are participating together at “Thracian Summer-2020 exercise”. The military men are to make a landing with the participation of US Super Hercules aircraft, Spartan military transport..

19.08.20 11:17 |

Press Review

Standard daily informs on Thursday that Bulgaria’s hopes to see its nominee in the position of the next Un Secretary General were dashed . Former Portuguese Premier Antonio Guterres is set to become the next UN Secretary General. Kristalina Georgieva..

06.10.16 10:10 |

Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry launches public tender for supply of ten engines for MIG-29 fighter jets

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defense informed that it launched a public tender for the supply of ten engines for MIG-29 fighter jets. The engines can be either new or repaired. They will be used to extend the life-span of five fighter jets, Sega daily..

16.04.16 14:45 |

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