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World famous Granny Marta

The quiz which Radio Bulgaria conducted among our multilingual audience from all over the world showed clearly that our listeners are well acquainted with the spring traditions of the Bulgarians and especially with the image of Baba Marta...

24.03.22 09:20 |

Bulgarians exchange martenitsa for health and peace

The month of March is here and the promise of spring is in the air. On the first of March Bulgarians adorn themselves with martenitsa, this wonderful symbol of spring, the exchange of which is always accompanied by wishes for health, joy and prosperity..

01.03.22 08:33 |

Parents of premature babies also need moral support

About 6,000 children are born prematurely in Bulgaria every year, which is about 10% of the newly born in this country. The sight of a premature baby may be frightening for some people, but parents of such children view them as the most..

03.02.21 09:45 |

Bulgarian children in Ukraine welcome spring with embroidered martenitsas

The Bulgarian children make the symbol of the coming spring- the red and white martenitsas with great desire and diligence. The tradition to give each other beautifully crafted health amulets on the first day of March is alive among the..

01.03.20 08:30 |

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