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Presenting the Left coalition, 12 February, 2023

Alternative to BSP, coalition Left, to run in 2 April election

Former members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) set up a coalition called Left . The formation comprises: Rumen Petkov of ABV , Maya Manolova of Rise Up , Tatyana Doncheva of Movement 21, Georgi Kadiev of Normal State , as..

12.02.23 14:42 |

Mothers from "The System is Killing Us" go to the elections with "Stand Up, Bulgaria"

The mothers of children with disabilities, united by the initiative "The system is killing us", have announced that they are going to the early parliamentary elections on October 2 together with "Stand Up, Bulgaria", the civil organization of the former..

21.08.22 14:59 |
Maya Manolova

Stand Up Bulgaria party is founded

The Stand Up Bulgaria party was officially established today. Former Ombudsman Maya Manolova was elected as its leader. The newly-founded party is to start touring the country under the motto “A new social contract- you deserve more for your work”...

01.05.22 16:15 |

Maya Manolova calls for temporary ban on electricity exports

The leader of the Civic Platform "Stand Up.BG" Maya Manolova believes that a possible temporary ban on the export of electricity will allow cheap electricity from Kozloduy NPP to be for Bulgarian companies and households. In Vidin, where she met with..

26.09.21 17:35 |
Maya Manolova

"Stand up BG! We are coming!"offers a pre-election coalition of the honest

The chairperson of "Stand up BG! We are coming!” Maya Manolova has proposed a pre-election agreement with Democratic Bulgaria and "We continue the change" of the former caretaker ministers Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev. "It will be clear that the..

20.09.21 19:00 |

Maya Manolova calls on „Democratic Bulgaria" and new political project for pre-election alliance

In an interview with BNR the co-chair of the coalition “Stand up, BG! We are Coming!" Maya Manolova has called on Democratic Bulgaria and the new political project of former caretaker ministers Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev to..

18.09.21 15:12 |
Maya Manolova

IBGNI party to sue the state over wiretapping citizens, journalists during last year's protests

Members of the "Stand up, BG! We're coming!" political party have threatened to file a class action lawsuit against the Bulgarian state at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for illegally eavesdropping on 130 citizens and journalists..

17.09.21 17:54 |
Nikolay Hadjigenov (L) and Arman Babikyan (R)

Part of the coalition “Stand up, BG! We are coming!” to be registered as a non-profit association

MPs Nikolay Hadjigenov and Arman Babikyan, who are part of the coalition “Stand up, BG! We are coming!”, are waiting for registration of their non-profit -making association“ We are coming!”.  The new association will negotiate with Maya..

05.09.21 17:28 |

ITN party heads key committees in parliament

MPs from ITN party (“There Is Such a People”), the frontrunner in the 11 July election, were elected to head key National Assembly committees – on legal affairs, on budget and finance, on energy, on internal order and security. Today the..

18.08.21 11:46 |

Bulgaria’s National Assembly to close the procedure concerning the first government-forming mandate

The withdrawal of Prime Minister-designate Plamen Nikolov is part of the agenda of today’s sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly. Plamen Nikolov said that during the voting of his withdrawal he would not say more than what he wrote in his..

12.08.21 05:05 |
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