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Mihaela Marinova and Lubo Kirov- ''Vselena''

Two Bulgarian music celebrities- Lubo Kirov and Mihaela Marinova- are coming together again. We first heard them together in 2020 in a duet version of Lubo Kirov's music hit ‘’Moga/I Can’’. It was so successful that it became one of the new favorite..

29.05.24 10:41 |

Mihaela Marinova releases a video to the song “Two Destinies”

Mihaela Marinova- one of Bulgaria's youngest pop stars- bid farewell to 2022 with a new music album. Two years after her debut album "Step Forward", she presented her second album entitled "To Infinity".  The premiere of the new album was marked..

03.01.23 11:45 |
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