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BNR Big Band surprises with film music by Milcho Leviev in new ‎arrangement

The BNR Big Band with conductor Antoni Donchev will honour with a special ‎concert this evening (23 February) one of the most emblematic Bulgarian jazz musicians - ‎Milcho Leviev . The event dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of Milcho..

23.02.23 11:14 |

A central alley and a monument in Plovdiv will be preserving the memory of legendary jazz musician Milcho Leviev

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous jazz musician and composer Milcho Leviev , who passed away some time ago, a central alley on the famous Sahat Tepe hill in Plovdiv will be named after him.  The local..

03.02.23 10:30 |

Milcho Leviev’s film music to be presented in Plovdiv

In 1967, Milcho Leviev created the music to the film "Detour" ( Otklonenie), based on a novel by Blaga Dimitrova, giving an emotional expression to the story of the impossible love of two long-separated lovers. The..

29.01.23 09:20 |

"Conversation from the Past" - an upcoming concert with unreleased works by Milcho Leviev

Unpublished works by the famous jazz pianist and composer Milcho Leviev, who passed away three years ago, will be presented to the audience at a concert part of the "Chamber Stage Plovdiv" platform. The event will feature famous performers from..

16.10.22 10:35 |

Concert in Sofia to pay homage to Bulgarian jazz legend Milcho Leviev

Among the greenery of Sofia's South Park 2 today the project "Milcho Leviev Forever" will be presented. The project features musicians Anthony Donchev Quartet, David Lynch (USA) and Human Touch (Greece), along with Vicky Almazidou and Theodosii..

10.07.21 06:55 |
Duo Fuss / Leichtfried

Haskovo Jazz festival – intriguing programme with an international line-up

The 24 th edition of Haskovo Jazz ( 23 - 26 September) is dedicated to the free spirit of foremost Bulgarian jazz pianist and composer Milcho Leviev who died in October 2019. The special guests at the festival include Dominik..

26.09.20 04:00 |

One more musical extravaganza: Varna Summer jazz festival, opening tonight

Established in 1992, the Varna Summer jazz festival has long ago grown to be a symbol of top-notch professionalism in terms of selection of artists for its programme. Since 2000 the festival has taken place on the outdoor stage in the English garden..

18.08.20 14:22 |
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