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Ministry of Tourism and Radio Bulgaria to promote the beauties of Bulgaria

The Ministry of Tourism is working towards creating a digital map that will show the beauties of Bulgaria, caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov told the BNT. The idea was put forward by the Bulgarian National Radio's Director General..

27.10.22 19:52 |

The BNR and Ministry of Tourism to cooperate in establishing Bulgaria as a tourist destination

The Bulgarian National Radio, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, will work on the creation of audio and video podcasts, as well as programmes about tourism, which will be able to find their audience through the content of Radio Bulgaria in 11..

22.10.22 13:20 |

Rumen Draganov: The responsibility for Ukrainian refugees was shifted to the Ministry of Tourism

"The State Agency for Refugees refuses to take responsibility for the Ukrainian refugees", P rof essor Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism , said for Nova TV . According to him, the..

17.10.22 19:17 |

Number of Russian tourists in Bulgaria marked fourfold rise in period January - May 2022

The number of Russian tourists has been rising despite sanctions related to the war in Ukraine and the absence of direct flights to Bulgaria. 33,584 visits by Russian tourists with overnight stays were registered in the period January..

26.07.22 10:49 |

Camping tourism gains momentum in Bulgaria

Since the beginning of the pandemic, uncertainty and ever-changing anti-epidemic measures have forced people to look for new ways to relax - away from the crowds and closer to nature . Camping has thus gained new relevance. In Bulgaria,..

26.04.22 13:29 |

International tourist fair Vacation and SPA Expo to take place in Sofia

On January 24 and 25 Inter Expo Center in Sofia hosts the international tourist fair Vacation and SPA Expo. The forum will be held under the motto "Back to normal". Tourist associations, industry organizations and municipal administrations can..

24.01.22 10:22 |

Footage from the Eastern Rhodopes invites Euronews viewers to get to know Bulgaria

The Eastern ridge of the Rhodope mountains is the setting of a film about the wildlife of Bulgaria, shot by Euronews TV. Protagonists in the short film are deer, vultures and European aurochs. The footage will be broadcast as a series commissioned..

22.01.22 12:10 |

Ministry of Tourism: No pressure exerted on tourism staff to receive Covid-19 vaccines

Vaccination is completely voluntary and employers have never been required to vaccinate their staff and exert pressure on their employees in this direction , stated Bulgaria’s Ministry of Tourism in connection with various..

14.06.21 13:38 |

Novo Selo Monastery “Holy Trinity” featured in promotional video

Jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides, the Ministry of Tourism is working on a series of promotional videos presenting lesser-known corners of Bulgaria. Take a look at the 2-minute video dedicated to the beautiful Novo Selo..

28.02.21 07:45 |

The ban on organizing tourist trips – an obstacle for some and an opportunity for others

Tourism is one of the sectors that has suffered particularly badly from the pandemic. The measures and restrictions introduced in this regard have led to an unprecedented collapse in holiday bookings. The ban on organizing trips in the country and abroad..

03.02.21 14:15 |
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