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Daniela Zekina and her visual poetry

"I define my style as fantastic realism, because painting only the real thing is less interesting for me. I always want to add something fantastic, something that is impossible to exist in the real world. I try to combine..

26.12.21 08:25 |

San Stefano Gallery in Sofia hosts an exhibition dedicated to sculptor Assen Peikov

Bulgarian sculptor A s sen Peikov, whose name is associated with the impressive nine-meter tall figu r e of Leonardo da Vinci, erected in 1960 in the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, will be presented with a major exhibition at the San Stefano..

14.12.21 05:05 |

The eighth edition of international digital art festival DA FEST starts in Sofia

What are the newest artistic practices and achievements in the dynamically developing sphere of digital arts? We can find out in the days before October 30 thanks to the events in the program of the eighth International Digital Art Festival – DA..

26.10.21 14:05 |

Posters and drawings by Stefan Despodov-Despo on display at the Sofia National Gallery

In the course of 6 weeks – from 27 July until 10 September – works by Stefan Despodov-Despo from the collection of the Vladimir Dimitrov-the Master Art Gallery in Kyustendil will be on display at the National Art Gallery in Sofia. The guest..

26.07.17 11:12 |
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