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Unemployment hits record low of 4.7% in September

The registered unemployment rate in the country continued its downward trend in September, hitting a record low of 4.7%.   The number of registered unemployed at the end of September was 154,936, indicate National Employment Agency data. The..

15.10.21 19:27 |

Start of third stage of 60/40 measure

The National Employment Agency has given the start to the third stage of the 60/40 measure targeted at employers who want to keep their staff after the end of the emergency epidemic situation. The financial support during the new stage will..

28.10.20 15:03 |

Ministry of the Interior to issue work permits to third-country nationals

Bulgaria’s National Assembly has approved at first reading the adoption of a single procedure for residence and work on the territory of Bulgaria of third-country nationals . Meanwhile, the draft of VMRO party which envisaged that Bulgaria issues..

02.10.20 15:18 |

“Employment for you” project launched nationwide

The project “Employment for you”  is being launched by the National Employment Agency nationwide. The project will involve 70,000 unemployed, including those left out of a job due to the corona-crisis. Its budget is EUR 80 million, of which a..

01.07.20 18:45 |

Unemployment in Bulgaria at its lowest in 10 years

In November, the unemloyment rate in Bulgaria was at its lowest in 10 years - 6 percent, National Employment Agency data indicate. 12,280 job vacancies were available in November, 82.9 percent of which in the private sector. The biggest..

18.12.18 10:03 |

80% of all foreign seasonal workers in Bulgaria are Ukrainian citizens

Bulgaria’s National Employment Agency announced that 80% of all foreign seasonal workers that received work permit are Ukrainian citizens. Since the beginning of 2017 a total of 3 215 foreign nationals have been employed for up to 90 days mainly in..

30.08.17 11:08 |
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