“The cars we drove into capitalism” – visual stories about a socialist-era phenomenon

The Georgi Bogdanov-Boris Missirkov tandem – emblematic names in Bulgarian contemporary art – are once again challenging the Bulgarian public. In their exhibition “The cars we drove into capitalism” they explore the phenomenon of..

06.10.22 15:01 |

Greek visual artist creates graffiti at Kvadrat 500 National Gallery

In the sculpture garden of the Kvadrat 500 (Square 500) National Gallery in Sofia, not far from works by renowned Bulgarian sculptors like Pavel Koychev, Krum Damyanov and Velislav Minekov, at this very moment a work of art is being born – a..

12.05.22 16:03 |

Works from the National Gallery archives now available online

Almost 100 works from the Bulgarian National Gallery are now available online to the public all over the world, via a Google platform . The project, announced several months ago, is a fact as of today. The virtual exposition of works by..

25.06.18 16:27 |
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