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Hospitals in Bulgaria to receive additional EUR 38 million

Bulgaria’s National Assembly unanimously adopted at first reading amendments to the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund . The hospitals are to receive an extra EUR 38 million from this year’s budget of the  National Health Insurance Fund to..

11.09.20 11:45 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria - Day 120

180 newly registered Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria over past 24 hours 180 new Covid-19 cases have been registered in Bulgaria out of 2,591 PCR tests performed over the past 24 hours,indicate national information system data.   A total..

05.07.20 17:30 |
Prof. Petko Salchev

National Health Insurance Fund has a financial reserve: NHIF director

The proposed increase in the funding of the clinical pathways for infectious diseases will stimulate the infectious units. Prof. Petko Salchev, director of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) stated, in an interview for the BNR, that..

05.07.20 13:07 |

Bulgaria’s hospitals need to strengthen their capacity to admit Covid-19 patients

The National Coronavirus Headquarters discussed today the readiness of Bulgarian hospitals with intensive care units to increase their capacity if necessary, the government’s press service announced. Against the backdrop of growing cases of Covid-19,..

30.06.20 12:15 |

National framework agreement in healthcare is being signed

The national framework agreement in healthcare which fixes the cost of medical services for the year is being signed. The document envisages more financing, with an increase in the prices of over 130 clinical pathways, for which 75 million..

28.02.18 17:35 |
Kiril Ananiev

Kiril Ananiev: The state will cover the financing of therapies for which there are no alternatives, a Health Ministry commission will make the call (update)

“Let me explain, once again, we are not talking about a moratorium, it is a temporary one-year measure aimed at stabilizing the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) – but that does not mean we shall not provide treatment to all..

17.12.17 15:03 |

Parliament rejects presidential veto on 2018 National Health Insurance Fund budget

The Bulgarian National Assembly approved the bill on the 2018 budget of the National Health Insurance Fund for 2018 for the second time, thus rejecting the presidential veto imposed on the bill. 221 MPs cast their vote, 126 of them voting “for”..

14.12.17 12:10 |

Prosecutor’s office determined to stop attempts at Health Insurance Fund siphoning

Rumyana Arnaudova, Spokesperson for Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General, has said that within the scope of its competence the Prosecutor’s Office is determined to stop practices of siphoning the National Health Insurance Fund via the so-called “parallel..

12.12.17 12:59 |

2017 National Health Insurance Fund national framework agreement comes into effect today

The national framework agreement of the National Health Insurance Fund is in effect as of today, reinstating the contract basis between the National Health Insurance Fund and the organisations in the sector. The document envisages more flexible..

01.04.17 09:13 |

Bulgaria’s National Assembly adopts 2017 budget of National Health Insurance Fund

Bulgaria’s National Assembly adopted at second reading the 2017 budget of the National Health Insurance Fund. In 2017 the National Insurance Fund will have nearly EUR 1.8 billion at disposal, which is EUR 125 million more as compared to 2016.  The..

30.11.16 11:38 |
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