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National Statistical Institute

Year-end data optimistic for business climate

In November 2022, the country's business conditions improved , erasing the deterioration reported in October.  A more favorable business climate is reported in all sectors , according to the latest survey of the National Statistical Institute. Total..

29.11.22 14:43 |

Inflation in Bulgaria slows down

A slow-down in inflation in Bulgaria has been observed for the first time in recent months. In October it was 17.6% year-on-year, while a month earlier it was close to 19%.  Trade unions: Inflation rate feels like 45% The National..

15.11.22 17:54 |

NSI: Industrial output in Bulgaria marks 18th consecutive month of growth

Over the last year and a half, industrial production in Bulgaria continues its upward trend on a monthly and annual basis. For August the growth is estimated at 0.7% compared to July and 16.5% compared to last year, announced the National..

10.10.22 16:00 |

Melting point or 6.519 million, according to NSI

The results of the national population census conducted in September last year, which were officially presented yesterday (October 3), confirmed the alarming demographic trend that analysts have been warning about for years. The population of Bulgaria..

04.10.22 16:45 |

Bulgaria's population has declined by 11.5% in the past decade

The population of Bulgaria was 6, 519,789 as of September 7, 2021. There are 3, 383, 527 women (51.9% of the population) and 3,136,262 men (48.1% of the population). There are 927 men per 1,000 women, the National Statistical Institute said...

03.10.22 11:58 |

National Statistical Institute registers slight improvement in business climate in Bulgaria

After a dramatic decline in August 2022, one month later there is an albeit slight improvement in the business climate in industry, retail trade and services. At the same time a rise in prices is expected in all economic spheres in the coming..

29.09.22 13:56 |

A deterioration of the business climate in Bulgaria observed in August

The business climate in Bulgaria has worsened by 3.4 points in August compared to July, according to the traditional survey of the National Statistical Institute . The uncertain economic environment remains a leading factor in the deterioration of..

30.08.22 11:44 |

Bulgaria’s Producer Price Index rises 41.4% year on year

In June, the total Producer Price Index (PPI) in Bulgaria increased by 41.4% compared to the same month in 2021. In May, the index rose 38.2% year on year, data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) indicate. Producer prices increased with 3.4%..

29.07.22 12:09 |
National Statistical Institute

Despite the political crisis, the business climate remains stable: National Statistical Institute

The economic situation in the country has stabilized in 2022. Managers in all spheres continue to expect a rise in prices in the coming three months, the latest National Statistical Institute business climate report shows.  The growth forecasts..

28.07.22 12:23 |

NSI: A 50% rise in tourism for June

In June 2022, the numbers of Bulgarians travelling abroad and of foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria increased by about 50% compared to June 2021, the National Statistical Institute said. The trips of Bulgarians abroad in June were  680,600 or 48.4%..

27.07.22 13:02 |

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