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Increased exports and consumption in first quarter of 2021 increase GDP by 2.5%

The Bulgarian economy grew in the first quarter of 2021 by 2.5% compared to the last quarter of 2020 , when a growth of 2.2% was also registered, the National Statistical Institute has announced. Bulgaria's GDP still remains 1.8 percent lower,..

18.05.21 11:59 |

Plovdiv is the most preferred city for internal migration

Bulgaria's second-largest city Plovdiv and Plovdiv district are most preferred for internal migration,  the Municipality of Plovdiv has announced. A total of  194,242 people changed their residence within the country in 2020.  21,320 of them changed..

19.04.21 12:04 |
Sofia's Vitosha boulevard

Sofia registers decline in population for the first time in 30 years

At the end of 2020, the population of Bulgaria was estimated at 6.9 million people. This is a decrease of 2.1 million people, or 23% compared to 1990.  During this period, Sofia was the only city that increased its population from 1.12 million..

14.04.21 13:19 |
Bulgaria's Northwestern region

4 regions in Bulgaria have lowest economic level in the EU

In 2019, the regional GDP per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards, varied from 32% of the EU average in the Northwestern region of Bulgaria and in Mayotte, France, to 260% of the EU average in Luxembourg, data of Bulgaria's National..

04.03.21 19:22 |

42% of enterprises register drop in revenues in November: National Statistical Institute

Almost 42% of enterprises have registered a drop in revenues from the sale of goods and services in November compared to October, indicates a National Statistical Institute survey connected with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the..

22.12.20 16:38 |

Bulgaria's Statistical Institute calls for postponement of national census

The National Statistical Institute has requested a postponement of the national census due to the epidemic situation. The chairman of the institute, Sergey Tsvetarski, pointed out the danger to the health of people and the staff to be involved in the..

16.12.20 18:56 |

Almost half of hotel operators have trouble meeting their expenses: National Statistical Institute

44% of entrepreneurs in the hotel industry are able to meet half of their expenses due to the Covid-19 epidemic, a National Statistical Institute survey shows. One third say that in the short term they are able to cover all of their..

25.09.20 13:18 |

Drop by 59% of trips of Bulgarians abroad and by 66% of foreigners in Bulgaria

In July 2020, during the ongoing epidemic situation in Bulgaria, 316.6 thousand Bulgarians undertook trips abroad . This is 59.4% below the registered trips for the same month of 2019, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. In..

27.08.20 14:11 |

Culture, sports and entertainment suffer biggest losses because of Covid-19 pandemic

In July 44.6% of the companies operating in the fields of culture, sports and entertainment have registered a decrease in sales revenues as compared to the previous month, a survey of the National Statistical Institute about the state of the economy..

25.08.20 11:15 |

Bulgarians spend the most on food

During the second quarter of 2020, the total income of Bulgarian households has gone up by almost 10% year-on-year, indicates a study by the National Statistical Institute. At the same time compared to the second quarter of 2019, the money..

18.08.20 12:49 |
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