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The total expenditure per household member in Q1 of 2024 averages EUR 1,290

The total average income per household member in the first quarter of 2024 is BGN 2,840 (EUR 1,452.07), which was an increase of 18.6%, year-on-year, the National Statistical Institute said. Wage income increased from BGN 1,284 (EUR 656.5) to BGN 1,597..

17.05.24 14:46 |

Housing prices in Bulgaria up by 10% in the space of one year

Home prices in Bulgaria have gone up by 10.1% during the fourth quarter of 2023, compared to the fourth quarter of 2022, with the prices of new homes up by 10.5%, and of existing houses – by 9.8%, indicate National Statistical Institute data released..

25.03.24 16:08 |

Inflation rate in Bulgaria continues slowdown in January

The annual inflation in Bulgaria slowed down significantly in January, 2024, down to 3.8% from 4.7% a month earlier, the National Statistical Institute says. This is the lowest inflation level for the country since August 2021. Month-to-month,..

16.02.24 09:03 |

The average monthly pension in Bulgaria is EUR 383

The average monthly pension paid out in January 2024 in Bulgaria is almost EUR 383. For women it is EUR 333, and for men – EUR 457, indicate National Statistical Institute data. The average contributory service and retirement age pension is higher –..

15.01.24 15:22 |

17% of babies and young children in Bulgaria live in poverty

Seventeen per cent of children aged 0-5 in the country live in poverty, according to National Statistical Institute data. The infant mortality rate remains almost double the EU average of 3.6%. The indicators are most worrying in areas with compact..

02.12.23 12:22 |

National Statistical Institute survey: Bulgarians are barely able to cover their day-to-day living costs

Only 20% of Bulgarians have received a pay rise, and 80% are unable to cover their day-to-day living expenses. According to a survey by the National Statistical Institute, 80% of working people in Bulgaria have received practically no pay rise..

28.08.23 10:22 |

NSI: Median salary in the second quarter is 1000 EUR

1 957 BGN (1001 EUR) is the median salary in the second quarter of the year - by 4% more compared to January-March and by 13% more compared to the same period last year, according to the National Statistical Institute.  The largest increase in..

11.08.23 13:51 |

NSI: International travel doubled in 2023 compared to levels in 2022

Bulgarian nationals' international travel increased by 16.1% in June compared to last year, according to a survey by the National Statistical Institute. Their total number amounted to 790 300.  The highest number of travels was to Turkey - 214 900,..

27.07.23 14:36 |

Annual inflation below 10% in June

In June, the monthly rate of change of consumer prices in Bulgaria was negative -0.4 per cent and the annual inflation rate for June 2023 against June 2022 was 8.7 per cent, the National Statistical Institute said.  Deflation in the overall index..

17.07.23 13:27 |

On average, Bulgarians die 3 years after retiring, average life expectancy is going down

The average monthly salary in Sofia in March was EUR 1,380, in the other regions of Bulgaria it was under EUR 986 .  The average monthly salary during the first quarter for the entire country stood at EUR 962, National Statistical Institute data..

22.05.23 11:55 |
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