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Vandals destroy part of the dunes on the beach in Nessebar

Unknown perpetrators have destroyed part of the exotic dunes in the Black Sea resort of Nessebar, announced the concessionaire Kiril Spasov.   The sand hills on the southern beach were plowed, most likely with an excavator.  "In an identical way, a..

28.01.23 19:05 |

Thracian Mysteries Festival 2022 reveals the mystery of Thracian ritual bread

  The “Thracian Mysteries” festival 2023 returns with an enriched programme. It will again take place in the Old town of Nessebar, and for the first time- in the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv. A reenactment of Thracian festivities will be..

29.08.22 14:04 |

UNESCO to promote Bulgaria’s coastal town of Nessebar

A joint project of the Bulgarian National Television and UNESCO will promote Bulgaria’s cultural heritage in 5 languages. The coastal town of Nessebar will be promoted first through a film from the year-long programme titled “The Next 50: World..

31.01.22 13:26 |
Nessebar on the Black Sea

Nessebar celebrates patron saint’s day with music events and fireworks display

Today is Nessebar’s patron saint’s day and it will mark the culmination of the cultural and tourist season in the Black Sea town. A solemn liturgy was held this morning at the church of the Assumption in the seaside town, and a national..

15.08.21 11:02 |

More than 2.5 million tourists have chosen Bulgaria as summer destination

More than 2.5 million tourists have chosen Bulgaria as their summer destination in the period May 1 to August 8, 2021. This is seen in the statistics of the Unified Tourist Information System. Most of them are Bulgarians - over 1,680,900. Guests..

10.08.21 18:41 |

Covid-19 vaccination points open in Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Pomorie on the Black Sea

A Covid-19 vaccination campaign is taking place place as of 10 AM today, 29 July, in Sunny Beach and Nessebar on the Black Sea. The vaccination points will be located in the Crafts Centre at 46 Otets Paisyi St., the former polyclinic in the..

29.07.21 10:18 |

As of today Nessebar turns into an island of arts

As of 2 July, Nessebar, the town which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, us turning into a stage for children’s art, as the 6 th International Festival “Nessebar Island of Arts” opens in the ancient town on the Black Sea. The forum..

02.07.21 06:10 |
Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery and Old Nessebar are the most recognizable UNESCO sites in Bulgaria, our web quiz shows

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the first broadcasts of the Bulgarian National Radio abroad , their successor – Radio Bulgaria has launched a quiz with questions about Bulgarian culture and history. In the second issue..

17.06.21 14:07 |

Organic saffron by the sea – a mission difficult though not impossible

When spring comes it comes with the delicate petals of saffron, and by autumn it has become a product whose weight is worth more than gold. Saffron is “the spice of life” for the family of artist Katya Ivanova. She is from Kyustendil..

16.06.21 11:15 |

Bulgaria's Nessebar among the best destinations for babies and toddlers in 2021

Bulgaria's picturesque coastal resort entered a prestigious ranking of the British “Hello!” magazine named “ Fourteen best summer holidays to go on with babies and toddlers ” . Nessebar occupies the 7 th position in the magazine’s..

22.05.21 10:10 |
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