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St. Nicholas Day is one of the most beloved Christian winter holidays in Bulgaria

In the calendar of the Bulgarians, December 6, also known as Nikulden , is a particularly solemn holiday in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra. He was born in the 3-rd century in Patara in Asia Minor. He led a righteous monastic life, helped the poor..

06.12.21 09:00 |

First edition of Salted Fish Festival takes place in Bulgaria's Sozopol

A festival of salted fish? It may sound strange, but its first edition will take place on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.  Those who want to attend the festival must visit the coastal town of Sozopol one day before Saint Nichola’s Day..

04.12.21 10:00 |

Bulgaria in pictures

Nikulden is one of the best-loved feast days in this country. It is celebrated on 6 December, the day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.   St. Nicholas is the saint who wields power over the seas, the lakes and the entire underwater world. He is..

03.12.21 17:39 |

Meeting the anglers at Varna’s seaport on St. Nicholas day

Even in winter the area around the seaport in Varna bustles with life. Now, things are very different. The cafes and restaurants around have closed doors due to the coronavirus measures, there are no customers, and few are out taking a stroll..

06.12.20 08:00 |

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – patron of sailors, fishermen, bankers and guardian of family

The Feast of Saint Nicholas or Nikulden as it is known in Bulgaria is one of the biggest and most revered holidays in this country. December 6 is the date on which the Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Nicholas the..

06.12.20 05:05 |

Ships blast their horns in port Burgas today to celebrate Nikulden

At exactly 1 PM today ships in the port of the Black Sea city of Burgas will blast their horns, as part of the programme celebrating the city’s patron saint’s day - the day of St. Nicholas (Nikulden). This it the first time such an event is being..

05.12.20 16:00 |

Nikulden, the day of St. Nicholas celebrated today

6 December is the day of one of the most revered saints throughout the Christian world – St. Nicholas of Myra, also called Wonderworker. St. Nicholas is patron saint of the seas, of sailors and fishermen, and 6 December is celebrated as the..

06.12.17 09:40 |

Day of St. Nicholas, patron saint of bankers, merchants and seafarers

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays tribute to one of the most revered Christian saints, St. Nicholas of Myra, Miracle-Worker, with liturgies held across the country. St. Nicholas Day or Nikulden , 6 December, falls in the period of the..

06.12.16 10:19 |
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