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North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski

Pendarovski: talks about the period before 1944 should be left to historians

Skopje has proposed to Sofia that we leave the talks about the period before 1944 to the historians and dedicate ourselves to the present, North Macedonia’s President Stevo Pendarovski said for TV24. In his view, “the politicians do not like to get..

03.02.21 13:10 |
Ekaterina Zaharieva

Bulgaria cannot develop Corridor No. 8 if it ends up nowhere: Foreign Minister

“Bulgaria is not happy with the fact it had to say “no” to the start of North Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations,” said Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva for “Counterinterview” current affairs programme with host Asen Genov. She..

03.02.21 10:14 |

Bulgaria will not allow hate speech by Skopje: Vice-President Iliana Iotova

In her report of the 4th year of her term of office, Vice-President Iliana Iotova called for a change of the model of governance so that Bulgarians from near and far may be able to identify with the country's administration.  “We, Bulgarians..

01.02.21 13:26 |

Two sides are needed for successful dialogue between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

We will either have an honest dialogue with North Macedonia, or we can keep having a dialogue for the next 28 years, as they did with Greece, Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said in Karlovo. In Skopje, they..

29.01.21 17:57 |

Balkan Developments

Athens is ready to mediate between Skopje and Sofia As a friend of Bulgaria and North Macedonia, Greece will try to facilitate the resolution of their differences in any possible way, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said in an..

29.01.21 15:07 |
Dimitar Bechev

It is important for Sofia and Skopje to use a normal tone of voice: Dimitar Bechev

It is important for Bulgaria and North Macedonia to use a normal tone of voice and exchange views, because there has been tension in the relations between the two countries in the recent months, Dimitar Bechev, director of the European Policy..

27.01.21 12:25 |
Ana Paula Zacarias

Portugal mediates a compromise between Sofia and Skopje

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union has begun political contacts with Sofia and Skopje in a bid to reach a compromise to set a date for an intergovernmental conference to launch accession talks with North Macedonia, said..

18.01.21 19:28 |

Case starts over burning of Bulgarian flag in North Macedonia's Vevchani

The Prosecutor's Office in Struga has opened a case after media reports about a Bulgarian flag set on fire at a carnival in Vevchani, the Media Information Agency reported, quoted by BTA. The case starts over damaging the..

16.01.21 13:01 |

Balkan Developments

North Macedonia’s integration into EU – provided principles of good neighbourhood are observed Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister of North Macedonia met, in Athens, with his Greek counterpart Mikos Dendias. He was also received by Greek..

15.01.21 15:20 |

Bulgaria reacts sharply to report about burnt Bulgarian flag in North Macedonia

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted sharply to media reports about a burnt Bulgarian flag in the Republic of North Macedonia. This happened in the village of  Vevčani during the traditional carnival, held on St. Basil's Day..

15.01.21 09:20 |
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