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North Macedonian PM: Elections in Bulgaria should not hinder settlement of disagreements

" Bilateral issues should not hinder the European integration process," Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev said in an interview with MIA agency. He pointed out that North Macedonia was working for dialogue, not for conflict with Bulgaria, as..

03.01.21 16:39 |

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Skopje must protect its citizens with Bulgarian self-identification

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry states, on Facebook, that Sofia is diligently monitoring the continuing posting on social media of lists of Bulgarian citizens in North Macedonia. Bulgaria is concerned over the calls for administering “street..

30.12.20 17:26 |

Bulgaria to provide vaccines to North Macedonian citizens

Bulgaria is to explore the possibilities for providing vaccines against Covid-19 for the countries of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership. This will happen after meeting the needs of Bulgaria and under the terms of the agreements with the..

22.12.20 12:20 |
Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bulgaria regrets the blocking of EU Council conclusions on enlargement

Bulgaria has expressed regret after the EU member states approved the draft conclusions of the EU Council on the Enlargement Process on December 16, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have unexpectedly blocked the text, stating that it was unsatisfactory,..

18.12.20 09:26 |
Angel Angelov, Bulgarian ambassador in Skopje

Bulgaria finances gratuitously projects in North Macedonia

Bulgaria has provided gratuitous financing to 7 development and humanitarian aid projects in North Macedonia to the tune of 296,000 euros, Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has announced .  The first 6 contracts worth 250,000 euros have been signed by the..

16.12.20 17:00 |
Десислава Ахладова

Over 60,000 Macedonians have received Bulgarian citizenship in past 10 years

In the period from January 1, 2010 to October 22, 2020, a total of 77,829 applications were submitted by Macedonian citizens to the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate at the Ministry of Justice , a reporter from BNR Horizon channel reported from the..

11.12.20 17:31 |

Borissov to Bučkovski: Generations would not forgive us for not finding compromise

"I have always believed that solutions can be found at the negotiating table. The current and future generations would forgive neither Bulgaria, nor the Republic of North Macedonia for failing to find a compromise that would provide perspectives." This..

10.12.20 18:31 |
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister meets North Macedonia's special envoy Vlado Bučkovski who is on visit to Sofia

FM Zaharieva: Bulgaria is ready to continue talks with Skopje on controversial issues

Bulgaria is ready to continue talks with North Macedonia in order to find a lasting solution to the disputed issues, which will allow Skopje to start EU membership talks. This was stated by Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva after a..

09.12.20 16:16 |

Bulgaria does not want open bilateral issues imported into EU

It is time for the government of the Republic of North Macedonia to abandon the manipulative statements that Bulgaria was challenging the right of self-determination and identity of the citizens of North Macedonia or their right to call their..

09.12.20 12:13 |
Vlado Bučkovski

Vlado Bučkovski: We can find a solution regarding our common history

The negotiations continue between North Macedonia and Bulgaria for lifting the Bulgarian veto on the start of EU membership negotiations by North Macedonia. In an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio, North Macedonia’s special envoy to..

05.12.20 12:52 |
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