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The Northwest remains the poorest region of Europe regardless of the European grants

Northwestern Bulgaria remains the poorest region of Europe even though half a billion Leva has been allocated under the Innovation and Competitiveness programme, indicates an analysis by the Ministry of Economy of the effectiveness of..

02.11.21 14:25 |

Vratsa on the path to becoming the Northwest’s beacon of light

In a popular pun, Bulgaria’s poor and backward Northwestern region has for a long time been dubbed “North-run-down” Bulgaria. After the fall of socialism and the decline of agriculture, many left the region in search of a job and a..

04.03.21 14:04 |

Inhabitants of Botevo trust in God to revive their village

Fifty people continue to live in the Bulgarian village of Botevo. The Thracians were the first to settle in the lands of the village near Vratsa ( Northwestern Bulgaria ), before the Romans left their mark in the area. After the Liberation..

13.02.21 07:15 |

Dialogue and expectations – the gulf between politicians and voters

The process of registration of parties and coalitions at the Central Electoral Commission for the parliamentary elections on 4 April is into its second day. However, sociologists are not predicting any drastic change of the status quo prevalent..

09.02.21 16:42 |

Demographic and transport solutions can revive Northern Bulgaria

The lack of transport connectivity and the ageing population are slowing down Northern Bulgaria’s economic growth, reads the latest analysis of the Institute for Market Economics (IME) named “The Regional Economies of Northern Bulgaria:..

03.02.21 16:27 |

Heavy rain floods villages in Northwestern Bulgaria

Heavy rain over the past 24 hours flooded houses and gardens in three villages in Dobrich district,  Northwestern Bulgaria. Abrit is the village that has suffered the worst damage, with around 70 litres of rain per square metre in just one..

20.06.20 12:46 |

Competition of America for Bulgaria Foundation supports tourism in Bulgaria’s Northwest

America for Bulgaria Foundation announces a competition for financing of projects for development of tourism in the poorest region in the EU- Northwestern Bulgaria. The competition is open for candidates from the whole country, but project..

16.06.20 12:12 |

Half-year budget surplus to go to Northwestern Bulgaria, mixed regions, Hemus motorway

The money from the budget surplus from the first half of 2016 will be invested into the development of Northwestern Bulgaria, ethnically mixed regions and further work on the Hemus Motorway in Northern Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said..

30.07.16 16:54 |
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