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Yulii Pavlov

Poll: Six parties to enter parliament, two are on the brink

Two weeks before the elections the gap between GERB and "We Continue the Change" reached nearly 7% , said the director of the Center for Analysis and Marketing (CAM) Yulii Pavlov. According to him, six parties will enter the parliament and two..

21.09.22 15:20 |

Official election campaign donations remain low

The pre-election donations for "We Continue the Change" have been decreasing compared to the campaign in the autumn of 2021, interim reports filed to the State Audit Office show. "We Continue the Change" have attracted 154,000 euros..

13.09.22 13:22 |

Bulgarians in 61 countries will take part in the snap parliamentary elections   

Bulgarian nationals in 61 countries will vote in the early parliamentary elections on October 2, Central Election Commission Deputy Chairman Tsvetozar Tomov said at the first regular briefing. 734 polling stations are expected to be opened. So far..

18.08.22 16:02 |

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