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Bessarabian Bulgarians will be guests to 8th International Forum "Bulgarian Heritage"

The situation of Ukrainian refugees will be a highlight of the International Forum "Bulgarian Heritage", which is held in Balchik for the eighth time. The forum starts today and continues until August 26. Bessarabian Bulgarians,..

24.08.22 07:10 |
Industrial building destroyed by Russian shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 31 August, 2022

First ships exporting grain expected to leave Ukraine August 1

There are high chances that the first ship exporting grain will leave Ukraine on August 1. This was stated by a spokesman for the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. CNN Turk reports that the first caravan of 16 vessels with Ukrainian grain may..

01.08.22 08:45 |
The Port of Odessa after the attack

Russia attacks port of Odessa; The New York Times open office in Kyiv

Russian missile attack against on the port of Odessa caused minor damage to the infrastructure and injuries were reported. The strike was carried out with Kalibr cruise missiles. In a statement on Facebook, President Volodymyr Zelensky..

24.07.22 10:10 |
Kristian Vigenin

MP calls for return of Bulgarian diplomats to Ukraine

It is now time to reinstate Bulgarian diplomatic presence in Kiev and Odessa . There would be diplomats who are ready to reopen the embassy and the consulate general, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Kristian Vigenin wrote on Facebook.  "A..

11.04.22 13:25 |
Ukainian refugees waiting at Durankulak border check point

Number of Ukrainian refugees entering Bulgaria increases

“The stream of Ukrainian refugees entering Bulgaria has been increasing in the past few days,” Colonel Valeri Rachev, chairman of the Council of Ministers’ Crisis Centre has announced.  156,323 citizens of Ukraine have so far entered the country,..

08.04.22 18:43 |
Borislav Sandov

Deputy Prime Minister: Reports of naval mines drifting in the Black Sea are part of the hybrid war

Bulgaria's Environment Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Borislav Sandov has denied allegations that there were mines drifting in the Black Sea coming from the Odessa region and described the reports as part of a hybrid warfare. According to him, such..

22.03.22 18:10 |

Naval mines from Odessa expected on Bulgarian coast after sea storm

Naval mines , reported to have been blown away by a sea storm off the coast of Odessa, may appear in Bulgarian territorial waters within 2-3 days, Burgas Regional Governor Stoyko Tankov said. He specified that there were no ships and..

21.03.22 16:43 |

Authorities ready to defuse naval mines if such appear on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast

Because of information that naval mines near Odessa have been swept into the Black Sea by a storm, threatening navigation, the Bulgarian government has announced it has taken all necessary precautions.  Bulgaria’s maritime borders are being..

21.03.22 09:20 |
Dog lying in the ruins of school No. 25 in Zhitomir, North Ukraine, 11 March 2022

New evacuation corridor opened in Ukraine

The evacuation of Ukraine's northeastern city of Sumy began this morning. According to the head of the Regional State Administration Dmitry Zhivitsky in the Telegram, the humanitarian corridor has been open since 9 o'clock local time. Withdrawals are..

12.03.22 10:13 |
EU leaders meet in Versailles

Russian advance on Kyiv resumed, Odessa expects chemical attacks

70 people are leaving Odessa by bus today, bound for Bulgaria, Elena Valkova from the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine said for the BNR. Another 100 people have been registered and are waiting for an evacuation window.  More than 1,000 people..

11.03.22 08:59 |

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