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Olympic medalist Madeleine Radukanova enters her "Year of Thanksgiving"

When you set foot on the highest of peaks, and reach out your hand, you realize that above you are only the sky, the sun, and the stars. At that moment, the best thing you can do is to lower your eyes and gaze back at the long and bumpy road you..

15.03.22 16:10 |
Alexandra Feigin

Alexandra Feigin qualifies for free skating programme at Beijing Olympics

Bulgaria’s figure skating champion Alexandra Feigin qualified for the women’s free skating programme on Thursday, 17 February, at the Olympics in Beijing. 19-year old Feigin was given 59.16 points (32.36 for technical elements and 26.80 for..

15.02.22 15:24 |

Bulgarian-born skeleton racer competing for Canada sets skeleton record at Olympics

Bulgarian-born Mirela Rahneva, who competes for Canada, set a record in skeleton racing at the Olympics in Beijing, clocking 1:02 . 03 in the first leg.  In the second leg she made several errors and finished 18 th , which puts her in 9 th..

11.02.22 14:35 |

Vladimir Zografski: I missed a great chance

The best Bulgarian ski jumper Vladimir Zografski finished 22nd at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The 28-year-old athlete jumped 97 meters and received 118 points in the final round, in which only the best 30 jumpers participated...

06.02.22 15:43 |
President Radev

Bulgarian President wishes success to Bulgarian Olympic competitors

Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev has sent a message to the Bulgarian athletes in the Winter Olympic Games. "Today, the world is once again focused on the Olympic Games and I wish the Bulgarian athletes success at the Beijing..

04.02.22 14:03 |

Bulgarian competitors leave Tokyo with six medals

The incredible Bulgarian girls, who bravely fought their battles and won Olympic medals in Tokyo, have taught us an important lesson. Less than a month ago, this country sent its smallest Olympic delegation since Melbourne 1956 – just 42 athletes...

09.08.21 18:07 |

Bulgaria Today – August 09, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on August 9, we bring you the latest news from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about Bulgaria’s six Olympic medals from the games in Japan. At the end, it is time for new Bulgarian music by the band “Jeremy?”..

09.08.21 18:00 |

Stoyka Krasteva wins second Olympic gold medal for Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Stoyka Krasteva won the Olympic title at the Olympic boxing tournament, in the flyweight category up to 51 kg in Tokyo . The European champion from Sofia 2018 and two-time world runner-up Stoyka Krasteva defeated with full unanimous judgment..

07.08.21 10:35 |
Ivet Goranova

Bulgaria's Ivet Goranova wins the Olympic gold in karate kumite

Bulgaria's 21-year-old Ivet Goranova has won the gold medal in kumite at the Olympic Karate in Tokyo . Thus, she won the first Olympic gold for Bulgaria since Beijing 2008 when Bulgarian rower Rumyana Neykova triumphed with the gold. Ivet..

05.08.21 15:35 |
Stoyka Krasteva

Tokyo: Bulgaria's Stoyka Krasteva advances to boxing final

Bulgaria's Stoyka Krasteva has advanced to the flyweight boxing final at the Tokyo Olympics  after defeating Japan's Tsukimi Namiki 5-0.  Krasteva is the first representative of Bulgarian boxing to reach the Olympic finals in 25 years. For the last..

04.08.21 10:32 |

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