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Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte calls on Orthodox believers to strengthen their prayers for peace around the world

On the day when the Bulgarian Exarchate celebrates 153 years since its establishment, His Eminence the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte has called on all Christians to further strengthen their personal and common prayer for peace in the world in the days..

27.02.23 13:56 |

On All Souls’ Day Orthodox Christians honor the memory of their dearly departed

Today, on All Souls’ Day-Meatfare Saturday, Orthodox Christians honor the memory of their dearly departed. All Souls’ Day always takes place before the start of the Great Lent. On this day, after the Saturday service, Orthodox Christians pay tribute to..

18.02.23 05:05 |

Water blessing ceremony in Bulgarian churches on the day before Epiphany

On the eve of the great Christian Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Yordanovden, a great water blessing ceremony was served in all Bulgarian Orthodox churches. The ritual refers to The Baptism of Christ in the sacred River Jordan by John the..

05.01.23 13:46 |

Nativity Fast begins for Orthodox Christians

Forty days prior to the Nativity of Christ Orthodox Christians begin to serve meatless dishes on their table to prepare for the holiest feast. If bodily privations are not accompanied by repentance, pious thoughts, acts of..

15.11.22 09:55 |

Today marks the beginning of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians

Today marks the beginning of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians who are to celebrate Easter on April 24. During the Lent Orthodox Christians are called to fast from certain products such as meat, dairy, fish and stay away from sin...

07.03.22 13:47 |

Bulgarian beliefs and rituals related to Saint Catherine

On November 24, Orthodox Christians honour the Holy Martyr Catherine (Ekaterina). Catherine, who lived in the 3rd century in Alexandria, went down in history as one of the most educated women of her time. Legend has it that her attempts to..

24.11.21 18:15 |

What’s on the traditional table of Bulgarians during the Easter Lent

And while for the Catholic world Christ is Risen, Orthodox Christians are only in the middle of the Easter Lent, which lasts until May 2 this year. Giving up food and abstaining from certain products is part of the history and religion of..

11.04.21 06:05 |

The magic of the new beginning

It's January 1st! The first day of 2021, the first day of a new beginning and new hopes for each of us, for our families and loved ones, for all people in the world!  Today Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of St. Basil the Great, also revered..

01.01.21 09:05 |
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