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Christians in Bulgaria mark All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day, also known as Cherry All Souls' Day after the fruit popular during this season, is celebrated on Saturday before Pentecost. On this day Orthodox Christians pay respect to the dead. Believers do not do housework to direct..

19.06.21 04:10 |

Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church marks feast day of St. Anastasia

St. Great Martyr Anastasia was born in the 3rd century in a wealthy and prominent Roman family. Anastasia devoted her entire life to serving God and the neighbor, and saw wealth only as a means entrusted to her by God for the good of others . St...

22.12.20 05:00 |

Saint Spyridon in the holiday calendar of Bulgarians

The memory and deeds of St. Spyridon, one of the great wonderworkers of the IV century, is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on December 12. Born on the island of Cyprus to a poor family, he became a shepherd at an early age. He was..

12.12.20 06:00 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saints Cosmas and Damian

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors today the memory of Unmercenary Physicians Saints Cosmas and Damian . The twin brothers and early Christian martyrs were educated in Syria and became distinguished physicians in Cilicia where their charity..

01.11.20 06:00 |

Orthodox Church marks Dormition of St. Anne

On July 25 the Orthodox Church marks the Dormition of St. Anne, mother of the Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary). Bulgarians call this feast the Summer Saint Anna. It is very popular in Western Bulgaria and the Rhodopes where local people believe that..

25.07.20 10:46 |

Anniversary of Bulgarian Patriarchate’s restoration marked

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates an anniversary of the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. Its existence was terminated at the end of the 14th century when Bulgaria fell under Ottoman rule. The restoration of the Bulgarian..

10.05.20 10:16 |
Patriarch Kirill

Russian Patriarch Kirill talks to Bulgarian journalists ahead of visit to Bulgaria

Ahead of the start of his visit to Bulgaria tomorrow, Russia’s Patriarch Kirill told journalists from the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National TV and Trud newspaper that he understands and has sympathy for the negative position expressed..

01.03.18 12:23 |

On February 2 Orthodox Church marks Candlemas

On February 2 the Orthodox Church marks the Christian feast Candlemas, also known as Winter Bogoroditsa. According to the Holy Script, this was the day of presentation of young Jesus to the Jerusalem temple to be consecrated to God. Candlemas is one of..

02.02.18 09:44 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church delegation pays visit to Moscow

A delegation of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is on an official visit to Moscow. At the invitation of Russian Patriarch Kiril, the Bulgarian deleation will take part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the All-Russian Local..

02.12.17 11:05 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church calls on authorities not to accept more migrants

Sliven metropolitan Yoanikiy has told reporters that Bulgaria should not accept any more migrants from the troubled areas of the Middle East. He added that did not mean stopping those fleeing from the war in Iraq and Syria, but stopping those..

23.12.16 12:16 |
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